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amount funded
A machine that replaces your post office and solves missed delivery
$12,000 yearly revenue from each Swapbox. US manufacturer just signed on to finance all future kiosks
The first online marketplace for Italian fashion
$407,000 revenue in first 6 months. 50% growth month-over-month
Control your world with a wave of a hand or turn of a dial
Built working prototype in less than 3 months . Pre-sold over 2000 units. $271,353 revenue.
On-demand phone charging at venues everywhere.
406 locations in SF / 600 signups. 30 new vendors sign-up every week
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Orange Fund II
Fund Target: Y Combinator W15 startups that accept our investment.
Moonshot Fund
Virtual reality, robotics, AI, flying cars, bio-engineering, space, & more
Crowdsourcing Fund
Crowdsourced labor, expertise, contests, marketplaces, and more

Recently Funded

funding successful
An activity and summer camp marketplace for kids
265% monthly growth. $1.8 Billion market ($15B Camps industry)
funding successful
Priceline for movie tickets
2014 Revenue: $1,351,171, December Revenue: $149,566. 193,000 users in December, growing 45% Month-over-Month
funding successful
A new way of communicating for the deaf and hard of hearing
$10B market. 38 million hearing impaired in US market
funding successful
Translation as a service at 1/5 the cost of traditional translators
40 pre-launch paying customers. 700K words translated
funding successful
Flying cars. Seriously.
$30 million in orders. 2 production-ready prototypes built