Move (YC W17)

The First Community-Owned Digital Retailer

Last Funded February 2021


raised from 1,320 investors


Award-winning products. Made Ethically. Priced Fairly.
Raised nearly $3M from Y Combinator, SF 49ers, Joe Montana, Adrian Grenier, Matt Bellamy and others.
Founded by 2021 Forbes 30 under 30, Chai Mishra.
Doubling in size every month— 122% Monthly growth in February.

Our Team

​​Move started because of a pretty simple idea — that modern commerce is not as good as it can be. Specifically, we think commerce can be more efficient, ethical and enjoyable. This effects everyone— producers and workers aren't paid fairly and consumers don't get the quality and prices they deserve

We've designed a new retailer from the ground up — making it better at every step.

We’ve spent years rethinking every part of the retail supply chain— from production to delivery. We started with fundamental questions about how everyday products are made and sold and we reconfigured and improved every piece.

200 Modern Staples

What if we didn’t sell everything? Instead, what if we sold only the most exciting and essential staples and cut out the rest?

At Move, we carry only the best version of every product and we sell only one brand— our own. As result, our members spend twice the amount every year that an Amazon customer does and our products move fast — getting made and going out of stock within weeks, not months.

A New Drop Every Sunday

Our approach of selling on premium staples to an eager audience allows us to launch products quickly. We launch a new, crowd favorite product every Sunday, often selling out in minutes. 

In the last 90 days, we've launched 40 award-winning products. We're using this Wefunder campaign to launch our first non-grocery category. Better yet, backers in this campaign will select what that category is. Current top contender — Wine

Award-winning producers

What if we worked only with the best producers?

We spend months searching for incredible creators for every product we sell and we work with 5% of the folks that apply.

As a result of that process, today we work with over 50 award-winning producers, from Michelin-starred chefs to celebrity bakers and decorated creameries, ranchers, farmers and artisans.

As we move into new categories, we're partnering with renowned craftsmen and creators from around the World, from legendary designers in Japan, to American Apothecaries and Italian artists.

Fair and transparent pricing

What if we paid everyone fairly and showed you exactly how much money everyone was making?

Producers make 50% more with Move than they do with other supermarkets. Our warehouse workers make twice the federal minimum wage.

And best of all, we publish the exact supply chain breakdown behind every product we sell, showing our members exactly where their money goes. 

A Faster, Smarter Experience

What if shopping for groceries took less than 5 minutes?

We cut out the brands and dozens of options and replace them with one brand of incredible products. We cut out the long waits, the checkout lines and the heavy bags with free nationwide shipping. Finally, we cut out the back-and-forth chaos of grocery delivery apps, with one fast and simple mobile app.

Growing Fast. Very Fast.

We grew by 122% in February — we're doubling monthly.
March mark our 10th straight month of 20% plus organic growth (not created through marketing expense).

Memberships sold out in 30 minutes. Thrice.
In the last 60 days, we've done 3 membership drops, allowing waitlisted users to buy a membership for a short time. Each of those drops sold out in 30 minutes or less. Further, we still have a waitlist of over 130K users. By investing in this campaign, you also get a year or more of free membership.

A COVID-proof model & supply chain 

What if we could trace every hand that a product touched and control every room that that product entered? What if you could change the basic structure of a distribution center to be inherently socially distanced?

We operate our own socially-distanced distribution centers, minutes away from major cities. We limit the number of members in the store, work with hyperlocal producers, manufacture in small but frequent batches and only repeat products if our members ask for them.

As a result, our supply chain today is more responsive and robust than any that of any digital supermarket. Throughout the pandemic, as retailers have slowed their deliveries down, we've sped ours up and as products in other supermarkets have gone out of stock, we've brought ours back in stock.

Democratic from the start

What if customers picked what we sell?

The Move store is open only to our 5,000+ members nationwide. And our members get a lot more than our groceries — they pick which products we sell and which producers we work with. We call it "Grocery-by-democracy" and it is at the heart of our entire sourcing process.

The First Community-Owned Digital Retailer

What if we instead of trying to be the "everything" store, we made an "everyone" store? What if everyone, starting with the producers to our members, owned a piece of Move?

With this campaign, we're building America's first community-owned digital retailer. With it, we're building a a radically more efficient and ethical supply chain— where every participant has a stake in our success and has a part to play in it.

Through our model, producers are incentivized to make better products for lower markups, distribution workers are inspired to be more thoughtful and protective of our orders and members are motivated to buy primarily from Move (a company that they all own).

Become a Member and an Owner

By backing this campaign, you get both a membership and an ownership stake in Move. If we do well, so do you.

You should invest in this campaign if you believe in the vision and want to be a part of our success.

We currently have a waitlist of 130,000. This campaign will be the first and only time in 2020 that we will accept new members who are not on our waitlist.

If you are only interested in getting a membership, you should join our waitlist and look out for our next Membership drop.