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Last Funded March 2023


raised from 82 investors


A rapidly growing community of almost 100,000 monthly creators
Our members love us, as our revenue grew by 180% every year between 2019 to 2022
We have a huge film gear marketplace — we now have 18,000+ listings worth more than €36m in value.
We have €60K+ in monthly turnover on our platform and we hope to grow this to more than €1M in 2023.

Our Team

In 2018, Daniel worked as a freelance filmmaker. He experienced first-hand the problem of saying no to film projects because he couldn't afford to access the needed gear. He wrote about Wedio in his Master's Thesis and found that he wasn't the only one with this problem. After his graduation, Morten, Kasper, and Daniel founded Wedio.

Why Wedio?

Film gear is too expensive, and can easily cost more than €20,000 to buy. You as a creator cannot afford this. On the other hand, staying on top of your creative game is a constant challenge with new standards evolving every day. And you as a creator is built to be creative… Not to spend your time chasing clients.

These challenges leave us with so many great stories out there, that never reach their full potential.

But we need YOUR help to bring this opportunity  to even more creators, because right now there are a lot of great stories  that goes unwritten – with your money & support we can help even more  creators tell their story.

We run the fastest-growing camera-sharing community in Europe, where filmmakers and photographers can safely Rent, Rent out & Subscribe to gear between each other — think the Airbnb of professional film equipment.

We make it up to 50% more affordable to rent video equipment on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis — with global coverage.

In three years, we have grown from 0 to 20,000+ members, and they love us!

"There are times when I really, really need items and they cost an absolute fortune. Renting them makes so much more financial sense than actually buying them."

Lenders earn money renting out their gear to other creators when they are not using the equipment themselves.

"It’s my first month of subscribing to that camera, but I’ve already rented it out a few times, so it’s already earned itself in the subscription fee, which is pretty genius, I think.

Currently, we have more than 18,000 active listings worth more than €36M in gear value across 1,000+ lenders in Europe. On average, our active lenders earn €560 per month from rentals through our platform, and we even have examples of lenders earning more than €160,000 renting out their gear on Wedio.

Gear is just the tool that enables what really matters — the stories. And last year, we launched Wedio Academy, where we invite the best members to educate other creators via masterclasses, templates, and creator lists.

….and it is working…

Today, we help almost 100,000 monthly creators become better — together. And so far, our community has increased by 336% in 2022.

We have three different ways we earn money;

  • Commission from our short-term rentals (10 % from renters, 20% from lenders whenever a rental is happening through Wedio).
  • Commission from our subscriptions (we get paid by our retail partners to deliver an order).
  • Commission from affiliate links to other partners (such as brands, retail partners, software, and other creative tools).

Taking a bottom-up starting point, we tab into a total addressable market of 71 billion euros, and it has an accumulated annual growth of 13%.

There are over 50 million creators in the world…. The sharing economy is booming.. and access instead of ownership — is the future. In other words — the timing for Wedio couldn’t be better.

During our first four years, we reached an average YoY revenue growth of 180%. We currently have monthly GMV revenue of €60K+ with a monthly burn of €20K.

We plan to reach break-even in February 2024, by focusing our activities on the Danish and UK markets. From there, we chase rapid growth in new markets.

With your investment, you’ll own a piece of Wedio and share in our growth / success. As a result of this fundraise, we’ll be able to:

  • Reach profitability within the next 12 months.
  • Expand our community to other European markets, including Sweden, Germany, The Netherlands and Norway.
  • Build and launch a Buy/Sell marketplace for second-hand film gear.

We go to market through a funnel-based, digital marketing setup where we onboard, educate and retain our members. We position Wedio as a community where we guide and educate our members to make even better productions — via Wedio Academy. 

We do this by removing the focus from gear, and instead, focusing on the purposes of our members' productions, e.g., Cinematography, Live Streaming, Documentaries, and YouTube.

In 2022, 14.6% of our revenue come from organic traffic. This is based on an assisted attribution model with a 90-day tracking window.

We have different competitors across different markets. 

We will win because we are the first to achieve international network effects, across borders.

Our community of ambitious creators enables us to adapt our value proposition to whatever the market demands. 

We are born global, but we go to new markets with a lean and local strategy, including

  • Onboarding local regional partners to create trust
  • Offering a global coverage plan of up to €25K.

Also, we are the first to offer cross-border rentals in Europe as well as an Academy of creators and a subscription solution for professional camera equipment.

All combined, we can create value for our creators – and most importantly, help them succeed!

We are a great team of 8 people, who are working harder than ever to help creators succeed with their craft.

In addition to having great respect for each other's professionalism, we value a high level of empathy between all stakeholders in Wedio. 

We value an open culture, and all team members are always welcome to raise problems or share how they are doing. As an example, we do pre-mediation four times a year with two coaches. 

Furthermore, we are backed by a great group of investors: 

  • VF Venture, the largest Danish VC-Growth Fund. 
  • Founderment – serial entrepreneurs and a boutique early-stage VC, who has an Airbnb exit behind them, founding and expanding a sharing economy marketplace for creative spaces.

  • Business Angels, Chris and Jonas, former Airbnb B2B EMEA tech lead.
  • Torben and Mads, former CEOs in large IT and shipping companies.
  • Startupbootcamp Media, a global accelerator.

In total, we have raised €1,5M between these investors, and all will participate in the coming investment round.

Our mission is to keep great stories alive. We achieve this by facilitating the sharing of knowledge, tools, and services that help you as a creator craft better stories. Because we believe in visual content playing a crucial role in the future of communication, our offerings are tailor-made to support visual creativity. 

Our vision is to become the #1 community for ambitious creators.

"For a two-hour shoot or a 40-day expedition in my case, they got you covered."

When you invest in Wedio via our Wefunder page, you not only have the opportunity to make a great investment. You also get access to our time-limited investor perks, inviting you to get much closer to our company. Take a look:

Furthermore, your investment will have double the impact. VF Venture (one of our current investors), will match the complete round 1:1 with a convertible loan. This means that if you e.g. invest €1,000, we secure €1,000 extra in investment. 

With your investment, you’ll own a piece of Wedio and share in our growth / success. As a result of this fundraise, we’ll be able to:

  • Reach profitability within the next 12 months.
  • Expand our community to other European markets, including Sweden, Germany, The Netherlands and Norway.
  • Build and launch a Buy/Sell marketplace for second-hand film gear.

So invest today, and be part of the #1 community for ambitious content creators, and help us keep great stories alive.

You can find our data room with our budget, cap table & pitch deck here. 

We can’t wait to have you along for the ride.