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Own a piece best vegan BBQ & soul food in the Bay Area

Last Funded April 2024


raised from 714 investors
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Invest in a company with over $7.2M in Revenue to date
$4.42 billion TAM for plant-based meats and frozen vegan meals
World class advisory team including Miyoko Schinner - founder of Miyoko's Creamery
Over 2,000 total rave reviews, with 165k total social media followers

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We created Vegan Mob to provide healthy food with plant-based ingredients and to help surrounding communities by empowering them with food they enjoy, while also supporting a healthy life-style. There are communities across the country that will benefit from access to healthier food that still celebrates the flavors they love.

Vegan Mob puts the soul in soul food.

Our mission here at Vegan Mob is to provide nutritious and healthy food with plant-based ingredients and to introduce traditional soul food and bbq dishes in a plant -based option. Our passion is to help surrounding communities by empowering them with food they love and enjoy, while also supporting a healthy life-style. Vegan Mob is a representation of diversity.

We're not just your average vegan food enthusiasts - we're THE MOB, and our track record proves it. With over $7.2 million in revenue to date, we've shown that our mouthwatering creations resonate with taste buds far and wide. And speaking of buzz, we've garnered over 2,000 rave reviews and have amassed a whopping 165k social media followers who can't get enough of our authentic vegan BBQ.

We're proud to have been listed among the top 10 best vegan BBQ spots in the entire United States by USA Today.

Brace yourselves for our latest culinary innovation: Vegan Mob Plant-Based Meats. With the plant-based meat market projected to soar by 25% in the next decade, we couldn't resist diving into this sizzling opportunity.

Building upon the success of our renowned Vegan Mob BBQ, we're crafting a line of high-quality, mouthwatering, and nutrient-packed plant-based meats that will redefine the perception of vegan cuisine.

But here's the twist—our offerings are more than just delectable; they embody the vibrant essence of a diverse, hip-hop, and urban-forward brand, carving out a special niche in this booming market. We're elevating the plant-based game like never before!

Now - let's introduce our second new venture, Mob Meals. We're seizing the opportunity to meet the skyrocketing demand for ready-to-eat vegan meals without compromising on the exceptional quality our customers love. With the same dedication we put into our restaurant, we've crafted Mob Meal to be delicious, plant-based dishes modeled after our Vegan Mob best sellers.

And guess what? We're thrilled to announce that we've partnered with Whole Foods, bringing Mob Meals to over a dozen of their stores. We're bringing the Mob to the rest of Northern California!

Your investment will be into developing our distribution model for our frozen meals and plant based foods.

We've seen the impact we've had on people in the Bay Area -- we're a staple for vegans and non-vegans alike. We are confident that the passion we've seen for our brand in our hometown will be matched as we expand to Southern California and Nevada with our Mob Meals and Plant Based Meats.

With this product and territory expansion, we're addressing a hungry, multi-billion dollar market looking for delicious vegan alternatives to their favorite BBQ and soul foods.