We’re a Public Benefit Corporation with a goal to fund 20,000 more founders by 2029.

In all 50 states. From all backgrounds. From coffee shops to supersonic planes. Backed by the people who believe in them.


Impact Report

Letter from the CEO

I founded Wefunder because I wanted to invest in my friends. I don’t feel a sense of meaning when I buy shares of Amazon. But startups? If I can support those I believe in, that’s value beyond only returns. I could give back, too.

That is the core of what Wefunder is about. It’s about voting with your $100 on the future you want to see built – whether it’s a local coffee shop or a supersonic plane. It’s about believing in founders with crazy ideas... and then helping them succeed. And, if the idea works, it’s about sharing the wealth more fairly with everyone who also believed – so it’s not just the rich who keep on getting richer.

This used to be illegal. So in 2012, we set out to persuade Congress to allow anyone to invest in the startups they love. That worked. But it took until 2020 for the laws to be reformed to be workable. You can see this in our growth chart:

Since 2012, we’ve helped fund over $250M into thousands of founders (about half in the last year). We’re proud of what we accomplished. But the best is yet to come. We’ve seen first-hand the raw untapped potential in America – those being left behind. One of the most powerful forces in the world is when someone believes in you and backs it up with a bit of their own money. We can now do that at scale.

We’re a Public Benefit Corp not only for our mission to fix capitalism, but because it's the way companies should be run. Customers, employees, communities, and the long-term must be balanced with short-term results. We believe more long-term wealth will be generated for investors – and more wealth shared more fairly – if we focus on our impact and treat people fairly.

If we are to remake capitalism, we must spark a social movement. Only when enough people share our values, will we succeed. I hope you’ll join us.

Nick Tommarello
CEO & Founder, Wefunder
April 2021
From 2012-2021
raised on wefunder
jobs created

Hi. We’re Wefunder.

We’re here to fix capitalism.

Capitalism has created tremendous wealth, but the rewards are not shared broadly enough. Too many are being left behind – lacking the money, mentors, and community to help get them started.

We help anyone invest in what they believe in – to vote with their dollars on what our society should fund. Together, we help more scrappy, hungry risk-takers take their shot to move our world in a better direction.

We believe

The people are wiser than banks or venture capitalists

The "wisdom of the crowd" makes better decisions than gatekeepers. Capitalism works best when more of us invest our own money, voting with our dollars on the future to create.

Everyone has the right to invest in what they believe in

Laws that limit investments to the wealthy are paternalistic, widen the wealth gap, and perpetuate structural racism. We are all worthy of deciding the people or causes to invest in.

Helping more founders take their shot increases all of our wealth

Young, hungry, scrappy companies do more, faster.

Investing in dreams - win or lose - benefits us all

Changing the world is hard; most startups die. But by funding more founders who strive valiantly to take their shot, we enrich our society and boost our talent, even if they fail.

First, we helped Congress create this industry

... and then lobbied for 9 years to make the laws workable.

Our results


We’ve signed up 3,235,295 new angels

Our angels are artists, educators, lawyers, & scientists. Many are parents or grandparents, too.

"If we can keep weaving relationships, we can be stronger together... It's about helping each other be our best."
Lisa invested in Mammalz
"I get to bet on a company and their vision I want to see in the future, rather then betting on black or red at the casino."
Adrian invested in Heroic
"...that's more or less why I did it, to be a part of something bigger and something really cool."
Jeff invested in Heroic
"It's so cool. You have a stake in the ongoing operations in what you just invested in. I think that's so much more meaningful, but it's also so much more engaging."
Geoff invested in LegionM
"You can lose all your money, and it's a risky thing, but I really appreciate the honesty around it."
Vasil invested in Kiwibot

78% of investments are under $500

Our angels don’t risk more than they can afford to lose. They invest small amounts in the people or causes they care about.

Invest more
than once

They've written 331,342 notes about why they invested

Most often, making lots of money isn’t #1 – impact is. Sort of like socially good lottery tickets.

Together, we’ve helped 3,432 founders take their shot

Someone putting in their money to help your vision come to life is one of the most powerful forces in the world.

Community-owned supermarket
Vaccine distribution
Brewpub at historic site
Virtual playdates
VR Workplaces
Curing cancer in dogs
Financial aid for students
Raised $1.1M from 1,600+ investors
"...These funds didn't come from a handful of uber-wealthy backers. Instead, they came from a coalition. As of today, the community is the single largest shareholder in Move."
Founder of Move

Our founders come from all backgrounds.

Gender, race, country of origin, location shouldn’t be barriers to capital. Or to anything, really.

We've invested over $761M across America
Founder Map
Investor Map

We’re one country. We help all of America, not just blue America.

We’re liberals in the older sense. We don’t wage economic warfare to punish those we may disagree with.

Dan and Danielle are the husband and wife team behind Ammosquared. They simplify ammunition ownership for America’s 94M+ gun owners.
Raised $300K from 667 investors
In 2016, Emmanuel, Chuka, and Onuwa put their life savings into – a platform connecting women and underrepresented minorities while helping companies prioritize diversity.
Raised $53K from 69 investors

We fund every type of company under the sun

From coffee shops to ostrich farms and supersonic planes!

$32 million went to founders who shoot for the moon

We help fund hard technical challenges with long development horizons. Our country needs to invest in bold ideas.

Flying cars
Artifical pancreas
Space wifi
Cures for cancer

Mind-controlled limbs
Fusion reactor

MIT PhD Carl Dietrich spent over decade of his life building a practical flying car. Big aerospace companies and VC firms wouldn’t take the risk to back his vision. So we did.

Our founders created 49,980 jobs in communities across America

We've helped community leaders revitalize their main streets. They’ve brought beer, bao, and jobs to cities across the country.

Native American Food Bars
Kyle, SD
Black-Owned Coffee
Oakland, CA
Employee-owned beer
San Diego, CA
Co-Working Hub
Honolulu, HI
Music Festival
Boise, ID
Restoring Chicago’s south side
Chicago, IL

Tanka Bars is run by the Oglala Lakota people of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota.

The destruction of the buffalo has locked them into generational poverty, resulting in an unemployment rate of 70+% , per capita income of $5,200, and the lowest life expectancy in U.S.

Tanka’s employees share ownership, creating livelihoods on Pine Ridge.

Raised $120K from 200+ investors

Our companies have raised over $5 billion from venture capital after Wefunder.

Wefunder often gives founders that first bit of money to help them get off the ground. Some have gone on to great success.

Immersive art
Bio-engineering foundry
Crowd-sourced encyclopedia
Artificial pancreas
Black-owned coffee
Meow Wolf is an arts production company creating immersive, multimedia experiences that transport audiences of all ages into fantastic realms.
Raised $1M on Wefunder. Since raised $200M+ in venture capital after us.

We’ve gone the extra 9,000 miles

We aim to spread the opportunities that Silicon Valley takes for granted. Three times, our entire company has taken the Amtrak across America. We’ve hit 32 cities and met thousands of founders face to face.

We’ve mentored 83 early-stage founders

We launched XX in 2018. It's our "pre-YC" accelerator for super early-stage startups.

Many are women, immigrants, or founders of color who’ve faced doubt from others. XX is often the first to take a chance on them – to say "Heck yes, you can!" We get them the resources, mentors, and bit of capital they need to launch into the most exciting, challenging effort they’ll ever take on.

"XX was the best thing that could have happened to us as early stage founders. They provided us with extremely relevant advice, a strong and robust network in Silicon Valley and a community of friends that cheered us on when things went well as well as supported as when we hit low points."
"XX is such a great platform. What you guys have built is not just another venture capital firm, but more like a family, where founders can build REAL connections, sharing ups and downs in this journey. Besides funding, I also got a group of awesome folks I can proudly call you mentors and friends."
Shu Li,
Cofounder of Petri Bio
"XX has been the first group that has taken a shot on us and we’re super grateful for that….Every time we go to the Wefunder house for office hours and fireside chats, everyone treats us so nicely; we really feel like we’re a part of their family."
Courtney Sabo
Cofounder of Kopa
"Being part of XX has been amazing. I can’t emphasize enough how important it was to have a strong founder community, awesome mentors, and quick funding to our early team, especially during the pandemic."
Enoch Ko
Cofounder of Soraban

Our 100+ mentors are more valuable than money

Guidance from those a few steps ahead can be priceless for founders. And our mentors are stoked to pay it forward.

"Being an XX mentor was an incredible experience and helped to remind me what I love about startups. I had the opportunity to work with Renji and his team, getting close enough until I felt like I was part of the team."

Daniel Ha, Co-founder of Disqus

"...My relationship with mentor Daniel has been super helpful. He spent a lot of time with us and changed the future of our company forever."

Renji Bijoy, Founder of Immersed

"I was able to really get to know Gaurang and Go Violet and the best part is getting to continue to be a cheerleader for him as the business grows. He's doing some really amazing work, and it's been wonderful to support him along the way."

Shruti Shah, Co-founder of Move Loot

"Shruti became much more than a mentor to me -- she became a lifelong friend. Shruti provided feedback on our product, fundraising narrative, and sales processes, and was always there when I needed support."

Gaurang Choksi, Founder of Violet

"I was lucky enough to work with the MedMe founders as part of XX’s Fight the Virus cohort. As a YC alum myself who’s seen many startups, I was incredibly impressed by their knowledge, resourcefulness, and ultimately progress throughout the batch. I can’t wait to see what they do next."

Paul Sawaya, Co-founder of Human Interest

"Our mentors humanized the startup journey and continue to inspire us in expanding what we believe to be possible."

Rui Su, Founder of Medme Health

"Nodira is a modern day pioneer! In just a few weeks I've watched her pivot and pandemic proof her physical business model into an online one, she built a hardworking team while drumming up new business with an inspirational, laid-back attitude. Being her mentor and part of her journey has been so rewarding!"

Yaprak DeCarmine, Co-founder & CEO of Game Jolt

"I grew so much as a person and CEO through my chats with Yaprak, and focused has benefited greatly. We are more than 10x bigger today than we were at the beginning of the year thanks to Yaprak's mentorship"

"It's been so wonderful meeting and learning from Anthony this year. Anthony is a rare combination of humility and brilliance. I can't wait to see what 2021 has in store for Anthony and StarkTx!"

"I don’t think I’ll ever be able to say this enough: I’m glad that John is a part of my journey. Admittedly, it’s unusual for me to have someone care so much and be genuinely interested in me and what I’m working on. John’s set the bar for what I’d want out of a mentor and a friend."

Anthony Stark, Founder of StarkTx

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