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First farm-to-body tampon with hemp fiber - leading innovation for period care

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raised from 116 investors
$7M valuation cap Future Equity
$100, $500, $1K, $10K
I met the founders of Trace Femcare over a year ago and their mission and vision are something that I felt strongly about. They are offering a solution to the feminine hygiene market that provides environmental stewardship for the person and the planet. The team continually has demonstrated to me they understands what it will take to create a successful enterprise. Through my own work regarding industrial hemp uses, Trace Femcare is one of the companies farthest along on regarding the commercialization of the use of hemp. They will likely be the key that unlocks the doors for the entire textile space as the quality of material required exceeds other end market requirements. I have been providing financial and strategy advisory work to them. Being able to spend this amount time with the founders has greatly increased my belief that Trace Femcare can become a very successful company both financially and meet all its climate beneficial goals.


Founder named as Top 150 FemTech Leaders by Femtech Analytics
Founded and backed by female healthcare professionals
Successful commercial production trials complete
Patent-pending technology
Vertically-integrated, traceable supply chain with fibers grown in the USA
Raw materials inventory acquired for production through Q1 2024
Partnered with Carhartt, Reformation, Outerknown, etc. in the California Cotton Climate Coalition
$450,000 raised to date

Our Team

As healthcare providers, we wanted better ingredients in period products and were disappointed in the lack of traceability and natural materials innovation for something as important as tampons. With Trace, we have soil-level info and the regenerative fibers we need for tampons we can feel good about putting in our bodies and in the environment.


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