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🧠 Collaborative games paired with complex mental models to challenge young critical thinkers.
đź’« Built by the creator of Elon Musk's Ad Astra School.
🚀 $12M financing round in Apr 2022, led by Balaji Srinivasan and Amjad Masad.

Our Team


Students ages 6 to 14 join a cohort that meets once a week to play novel, complex games and simulations. 

Sessions are moderated by an adult facilitator, whose main role is to encourage clear communication and rigorous analytical thinking.

Think challenging video games + the Socratic method.

Our aim is to cultivate supercollaborators.

Individuals with the capability to effectively work together to solve our civilization’s most challenging problems.

To kids, it feels like playing a game with friends.

To parents, kids are learning the world's most valuable skill: how to solve complex problems with a team.

We are going to invest in making Synthesis more accessible.

We currently have a large waitlist that is growing faster than our capacity to admit students. We will invest in tools to scale so we can handle more students.

Our goal is to make Synthesis available to every child in the world. 

But our first commitment is to the top 1% by cognitive ability and commitment. Our current system is cutting off the runway for our most advanced students. We believe in doing the opposite—challenging these students as much as possible so that they build the capabilities to solve big problems for all of us. Education is a positive-sum game.

Hear directly from our parents!

Summer 2020, with covid closing down schools and parents worldwide for the first time getting a glimpse into the standard instruction methods of schools, we felt the time was right.

  • "As a parent of two Synthesis students, I can attest that the level of confidence, critical thinking, and creativity is unparalleled to any other school. And they’ve attended the best elementary schools in Silicon Valley and Estonia." â€”Rainer Sternfeld 
  • "I don't usually do promotions, but today I will. I signed my Autistic son up for Synthesis a year ago, & I have seen more improvements in him from this type of education then I have ever seen from his classroom. Thank you Synthesis, my son is thriving." â€”Ms. Starr
  • "My daughter's conversations in Synthesis are incredible. They're talking about different countries, population, GDP... I have no idea what the game is about, but it's a crazy conversation. The kids are so enthusiastic." â€”Hermann Peterscheck
  • "My daughter is in it. She was struggling with her homeschool program. Synthesis showed us who she is, and what she needs and now she’s much happier. We are doing alternative schooling for her, we are all relieved seeing her joyful and eager again." â€”Amanda L

We are excited to announce the close of a $12M financing round led by Balaji and Amjad.

We’ve grown revenue 5x in a little over a year—and we would double again if we admitted everyone on our paid reservation list.

We're excited to extend the invite to our community ♥️