MedMe Health

Empowering pharmacies to move beyond pill dispensing

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Platform live in 143 pharmacies across 6 provinces. Enterprise pilots representing 3500+ pharmacies.
On-track for $60K MRR by end of 2020
Proliferation of new legislations across US and Canada that incentivize clinical services
Backed by leaders in pharmacy, insurance, and digital health.

Our Team

Pharmacists are clinicians whose true value comes from their clinical knowledge. Ample evidence shows pharmacist interventions reduce hospitalizations and improve outcomes, but market forces have incentivized pill-counting and dispensing. Now, Amazon and automation are putting them at risk; so they need to focus on what makes them indispensable.

Proactive, Preventive, and Personalized Pharmacy Care.

The $1 Trillion pharmacy market is shifting.

Drug dispensing is simple and is being automated - 80% of pharmacies' revenue is at risk - so pharmacies need to focus on what makes them indispensable: caring for patients.

Current pharmacy software is only built to sell drugs.

Pharmacists are the most accessible healthcare providers, but pharmacies are built for dispensing drugs, a market threatened by Amazon deliveries, automation, and affected by cutbacks.

They need to instead focus on patient care - the reason they are indispensable. But dated software and manual tools make it very difficult and unprofitable for pharmacists to care for their patients at scale. 

MedMe is a patient care software for pharmacists to provide Clinical Services at scale. 

With our platform, pharmacies increase revenue, improve & track clinical outcomes, and unlock pharmacy data in digital health.

Our proprietary algorithms identify clinical services opportunities and help pharmacists deliver them more efficiently. And we are the first to enable other digital health applications & players to integrate with pharmacy data/services.


Purya led development of Ontario's Surgical wait-time system, lowering waits for surgery by 35%. Rui holds a Doctor in Pharmacy and co-authored 3 nationally-accredited pharmacy programs. And Nick helped design the Tesla Roadster 2.0 and Semi-truck with his background in engineering and design.

MedMe is a mighty multi-disciplinary team of passionate pharmacists, product designers, health informatics strategics and software engineers; all dedicated to delivering a comprehensive, pharmacy-first patient care platform designed for the digital age.

We're moving fast.

Early this year we had 21 LOIs signed with Pharmacies, and were heavily focused on improving our software. After pivoting our product in March due to COVID, we're now live in 143 pharmacies, with enterprise pilots that represents 3500+ pharmacies. We've seen incredible enterprise interest, having already closed deals with some of the largest pharmacies in Canada.

This is a $15 billion opportunity.

We are starting with the 70,000 pharmacies across Canada & over a dozen US states with similar practice legislation, including California, Illinois, and Ohio - this is where MedMe has the greatest impact and can grow the fastest.

Business model

MedMe has a per module SaaS business model, with the average pharmacy paying $250 per month. With seed funding, we plan to validate new revenue streams as we shift towards building MedMe OS, opening opportunities for API fees and per transaction pricing.

What's next

Seed funding will give us 18 months of runway to expand across Canada with new product modules ($300-$500/month), explore additional business models, and explore expansion to the US to hit $300,000 MRR (800-1000 pharmacies). We'll use the funds for wages of 2~3 development teams, founder wages, sales & customer success, and administrative things.

We're building the operating system for the future of pharmacy care; transforming today's dispensing locations to tomorrow's community healthcare hubs.

Our vision is to enable adaptive treatments and foster truly proactive, preventive, and personalized pharmacy care. Come join us!