Tucson Tamale Company

The #1 Premium Tamale in the US aiming to be the #1 Premium Mexican Food Company

Last Funded May 2023


raised from 458 investors


🏆 Tucson Tamale is the #1 Premium Tamale Brand
Averaged over 30% YOY growth the past 3 years (2019-2021)
Our products are available in over 5,000 Locations. Including Whole Foods, Sprouts and Kroger
🌮 The North American Tamale market will grow by over $100 MILLION by 2025 (technavio)

Our Team

Why Tucson Tamale Company?

In December 2008, we started our tamale journey in a 1,000 sq ft funky little take out shop. Our mission was to make a premium “better for you” delicious tasting tamale. The shop was near both the University and downtown and attracted a wide variety of customers. It did not take long for the word to get out that we were on to something special. We were making tamales that were both traditional and innovative.

We were selling our tamales all over Arizona and in 2016, we made our first big leap and opened our own manufacturing facility so that we could expand Nationally. In 2022, we opened our 2nd manufacturing facility to keep up with demand.

We started out with 4 part time employees making 200 tamales a day to 60 full time employees making 35,000 tamales a day. From one humble little 1,000 sq ft shop to 28,000 sq feet of manufacturing and warehouse facilities to support being sold in over 5,000 grocery stores, 500 Deli’s and online for shipment anywhere in the States. And we have just scratched the surface!

We are the #1 Premium Tamale Brand and we are going to transition that to the #1 Premium Mexican Food Brand.

Using the same product philosophy and Mission that has propelled our Tamales to the number one premium Tamale in the country, we will use that to launch and grow other premium Mexican ready to eat foods for our growing and loyal consumer base.

  • There is a demand for premium, restaurant quality, better-for-you ethnic foods. Mexican and Latin foods and flavors have a broad appeal. We are going to take what we did with tamales and apply that premium lens to other Mexican and Latin Food.

  • As a self manufacturer with a strong eCommerce business, we can rapidly innovate, test and launch successful new premium Mexican foods into the CPG landscape.

  • We can get rich insights and feedback and from real customers and use that for propensity to purchase at retail.

Thanks to our flexible manufacturing process and the variety of our flavor
profiles, our tamales are a great fit in multiple channels!

6 SKUs in National Retail Distribution sold in Frozen Entrees and Handheld.
14 SKUs in eCommerce.

10 SKUs in National Retail Distribution in Frozen Natural Handheld. Also sold
in Colleges & Universities, Grab & Go Deli, Convenience Stores, Business &
Institutions and eCommerce.

8 SKUS in National Distribution and sold in Grocery Deli, Restaurants,
Business and Institutions and Direct eCommerce.

2 SKUs launching Fall 2022

HOT & SPICY Tamales
3 SKUS in National Distribution sold in Frozen Handheld, Convenience Stores
and Ecommerce

3 SKUs National Distribution sold in Center Store and Ecommerce

Forward-looking projections are not guaranteed. Chart above depicts gross sales. See "details" tab for more information.