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VR Offices (Partnered w/ Facebook, Microsoft, and HTC!)

Last Funded April 2021


raised from 3,318 investors


💰Renji (CEO) was selected as 2021's Forbes 30 Under 30 & was a software leader in Fortune 500 Co's!
📈 Partnership with Facebook, HTC, & Microsoft, rolling out to millions of AR/VR users!
💸 Went through Techstars in 2017 (top 0.1% of startups worldwide!) and raised almost $4M to date!
💪Team from Google, Microsoft, YC, & top Andreessen-Horowitz-backed startups.
🔥Immersed is the TOP productivity application on the highly-curated Oculus Store!
🥽 The average Immersed power-user works 38+ hrs each week using Immersed!
🌎 Users have 5 virtual screens + a virtual whiteboard in a distraction-free private virtual office!
🏢 Co-workers can teleport into each other’s virtual offices to collaborate/whiteboard when needed!

Our Team

Every software development team I've ever been on or led has had the issue of video-conferencing/chat just not being the same as working together in-person, side-by-side, whiteboarding, pair-programming, etc. We want to solve this problem, not because we love remote work, but because we hate it and want to make remote work more like in-person.

Immersed allows you and your remote team to work together — in a virtual workplace.

Working remotely is hard. We made Immersed to be more productive... wherever you are. To date, we raised almost $4M since we graduated from Techstars. Our team also consists of some of the world's TOP engineers from Google, Microsoft, YC, & top Andreessen-Horowitz-backed startups.

High resolution, low-latency virtual screens... in VR.

💪 We partnered with tech giants who are leaders in the VR industry!

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with Facebook, HTC, & Microsoft, rolling out Immersed to millions of AR/VR users all around the world!

📈 Our power users work 38+ hours in VR every week.

We have onboarded over 150,000 users in the last year since joining the Oculus Store — which currently has an estimated 60,000,000 users. We've 20x'd our active user base and 7x'd our revenue since launch.

🙏 A world-renowned team from Google, Microsoft, and more.

Immersed is a small but mighty team with some of the top engineers in the world — along with incredible investors and advisors who have supported our mission since day one.

💫 It works and users love their productivity boost.

Working in VR lets you enter a mode of deep work more frequently and for longer periods in a portable, distraction-free virtual workspace.

Spawn multiple virtual screens — no hardware required!

Collaborate with your team...

Work in a virtual coffee shop...

✌️ Immersed is THE productivity platform to power the future of work.

We bring distributed teams together and solo workers into a distraction-free virtual workplace. Solo workers can increase their productivity by 48% while in "Deep Work" mode, and recover 16 hours weekly by eliminating distractions.

(Immersed on Bloomberg, interviewing with Anthony Lacavera, Founder of WIND Mobile, sold for $1.3 billion).

💰 This is a $34 billion opportunity.

Demand for a VR work and remote collaboration tools is at an all-time high, especially in light COVID-19 and the demand it creates for remote teams. With falling VR hardware prices, massive investments from the tech giants (Facebook, Apple, Google, Microsoft, etc,), and lower tech-barriers/prices, VR is primed for huge growth and mass adoption.

🙏 Join us and revolutionize the future of work!

Immersed will be the platform that brings distributed teams together in the remote working economy. Let's do this!

(Immersed on BBC.)