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We turn ideas into beer, and are expanding our brewery to include more taprooms

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🍻 Uniquely successful craft beer taproom model generating over $400k profit annually. (Milwaukee location)
🍻 90,000+ annual visitors at MobCraft’s Milwaukee location.
🍻 Grew 30% from 2020 to 2021
🍻 Prolific (300+ beers) and multi-award winning brewery.

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Passion and Enjoyment. I love making things and experiencing the wide array of flavors that can be combined to make alcoholic beverages. Beer brings people together. So many memories laughs, and great times happen over a beer and that enjoyment is great to see in customers' eyes. When passion and enjoyment are fulfilled the world is a better place.

Why MobCraft?

Running a profitable craft brewery is difficult. In an industry full of brewers who don’t know business and business people who don’t know beer, MobCraft is the rare exception: a profitable craft brewery with a solid business plan run by talented, passionate brewers and an innovative crowdsourced brew schedule.

Despite a 5x increase in craft breweries across America in the last decade, many never achieve profitability. Small breweries don’t have economies of scale. They’re expensive to operate, and often face significant competition. For many breweries, the 2020 pandemic was an insurmountable hurdle to survival.

With 8 years of running a profitable brewery under our belt, we’ve cracked the code to a successful craft brewery model, and now we’re ready to expand and replicate our success in new locations.

This isn’t MobCraft’s first time in the limelight. You may have seen us on SharkTank in 2016, when 5.3 million viewers tuned in to see MobCraft’s founder take to the stage on Shark Tank season 7, episode 21.

Overall beer consumption is down, but the demand for high-quality craft beer continues to rise, thanks to a growing generation of millennial craft beer aficionados. MobCraft hosts a steady stream of 90,000 beer lovers each year—in non-pandemic times, anyway—to our destination taproom in Milwaukee.

*2019 (pre-pandemic) numbers shown here intentionally to be representative of actual growth.

Pushing through the odds of a global pandemic, MobCraft pivoted successfully to e-commerce, virtual events, and executed wholesale chain programming to sustain minimal losses in 2020. We’re on track for $2.4 million in sales by the end of 2021 (not guaranteed).

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

We’re no strangers to crowdsourcing. In fact, it’s an important component of the MobCraft mission, and partly why our beers are so popular. By brewing the winning flavors our customers suggest and pushing the limits of beer, we’ve released over 300 innovative new beers keeping our taproom and e-commerce platform busy

Giving people a stake in the brewing process has created a direct emotional connection between MobCraft and our growing base of consumers and fans. A unique agility and innovation in face of the fast-changing consumer demands gives MobCraft an edge we’ve capitalized on with passion and market knowledge.

Bat Sh*t Crazy…Hop Goes the Grapefruit ...Vanilla Wafer Porter. Just another day, another award-winning MobCraft beer. We’re proud of our unique brews, and the craft beer industry has taken notice. We continue to win industry accolades like Top New Brewery and Gold & Silver from the Great American Beer Festival.

With existing infrastructure and a stellar team in place, MobCraft is ready to meet our near-future goals: expanding our profitable D2C channels by launching 3 more taprooms, increasing production, an e-commerce platform overhaul, and continual refinement to our brewing and distribution processes.

Since our founding, we’ve brewed ideas from across the U.S., with our highest density of purchases and crowdsourced submissions coming from WI, Northern IL, and CO. These are natural destinations for our taproom expansions into new markets: MobCraft Denver, MobCraft Waterford (WI), and MobCraft Woodstock (IL).

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Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Our amazing team works hard to keep the brewery innovative and agile in responding to market demands and creating new revenue streams. But anyone on the MobCraft team will tell you our mission is about more than just beer: it’s about facilitating the community connections that happen over a shared pint.

Succeeding in the craft beer industry is no easy feat, requiring both an understanding of business and beer. It’s the rare brewery that has mastered both, but after 8+ years of brewing delightfully weird beers, we think MobCraft’s success speaks for itself.

Now, you’re invited to join us and become a member of the MobCraft family today!

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Being a MobCraft part-owner comes with some beerlicious perks. Here’s a 4-1-1: