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Earn passive income by investing in vacation rentals like stocks



reserved by 3,335 investors
$30M valuation cap Future Equity


📣 Investors include Mucker Capital, Liquid 2 Ventures, and Fiat Ventures
🚀 90k+ total users on our waitlist
💰 $3M+ revenue run rate
🗺 Planning to launch 25 markets by 2024
💪 Our CEO scaled his previous company Homeworthy to 900+ cities across the US
🤝 We've raised $5M+ in venture capital to date
💡 Featured in TechCrunch, Forbes, Fox Business, Business Insider, Men's Journal, and Inman

Our Team

Buy shares of vacation rentals, then sit back and relax.

Here is a First-of-its-Kind Fintech Marketplace

We're focused on unlocking the $1.8 trillion short-term rental market. Here’s marketplace allows both accredited and unaccredited investors to gain exposure and income from vacation rentals located in multiple destinations, the first marketplace to do so.

We believe that real estate investing is fundamentally broken. Rental returns are rapidly shrinking, investing is time-consuming and challenging, and the financial barrier to invest is too high. Our goal is to dramatically reduce the many barriers to entry to become a real estate investor, while pioneering an entirely new category of real estate investing through fractional ownership of high-yielding vacation rentals.

Here allows investors to gain exposure to the vacation rental market, that has historically only been available to a select few, with as little as a $250 investment. Other fractional ownership real estate models have extremely high barriers to entry, with minimum investments soaring to as much as $400k+.

Not only that, but real estate investing is almost always more than just putting in some money. Typically, it involves sourcing residents for the properties, managing the repairs and upkeep of the properties, scheduling and paying for cleaning services, and much more.

Why Here?

Here offers an easy-to-use experience for any member who’s looking to invest passively in vacation rental properties. It's simple, quick, and easy, and allows members to earn money on properties in a highly profitable sector with none of the legwork!

But why vacation properties instead of residential homes? Well, historically, vacation rentals generate up to 160% more revenue on average than traditional long-term rentals!

Members browse from Here's selection of available properties, invest in one they like for as little as $250, and Here takes care of the rest: our teams take care of the bookings, cleanings, and property management. Our members sit back, relax, and collect passive income on their new vacation properties. 😎


While there have been several Fintech incumbents entering the vacation rental and fractional ownership market, there is no other product focused exclusively on vacation rentals that offers access to retail investors for as little as $250.

Why Here Wins

Here is a fully passive experience. Our members never have to deal with the logistics of renting out the properties they own shares in, and get the tax benefits of owning a home.

But Why Now?

With the rise of “fractional ownership” models, we can lower the barriers to entry for retail investors' access to previously unobtainable assets classes, with real estate being one of the largest.

Here is poised to be an outright winner in a market that we see as being one of the largest emerging focus areas in Fintech over the coming several years.

Our Millennial target market makes up the majority of people booking short term rentals through Airbnb, with the short term vacation rental market currently at $1.8T.

We anticipate that this market will continue to grow beyond its 3.4% annual growth rate as Millennials and Gen Z continue to drive travel demand in a “post-covid” world.


Our Business Model

Here is able to drive revenue throughout our entire customer lifecycle.

Our dedicated team has been driving meaningful revenue from day one and throughout the relationship with our “members,” all the way to the time of closing the properties.

We source revenue from three different categories:

  • Sourcing Fee: This fee is based on the total value of the property offered on the platform, and varies from property to property. This fee covers services such as our property acquisition & onboarding team, investor aggregation, and underwriting.
  • Asset Management Fee: We collect a quarterly asset management fee of 0.25% based on the total asset value of each property on the platform. The fee is paid out of the income from the property each quarter. This fee covers services such as asset management, automated payout distributions, and investor relations.
  • Property Management Fee: We collect a property management fee of 25% based on the gross revenue that a property generates over the lifetime of a property’s operations. This fee is paid out of the income from the property each month. This fee covers services such as property cleaning scheduling, guest relations, maintenance and repair management, and booking optimization, among other responsibilities.

The Market

Like any growing market, the TAM in the short term rental market isn’t just that it’s massive today (~$1.8t), but that it’s also poised to continue to grow in the coming years (~3.4% YoY).

Our Projected Growth

Since 2021, we have grown to more than 85,000 members on our waitlist.

In 2023, we have goals to grow to 250,000 active members with $25M in total assets on platform and hope to lower our minimum investment over time, as well as launch our app for iOS & Android.

Our Team

The founding team at Here has years of combined experience in the prop-tech space, with our CEO Corey Ashton Walters having previously co-founded Homeworthy, a fully remote cloud real estate brokerage that served homeowners located in more than 900 cities across the Pacific Northwest.

Caleb Olthoff, our Head of Product, has a deep understanding of the vacation rental market platforms required for booking and the ability to scale technology quickly from his role as SVP of Technology at Evolve.

Eugene Davidzon, our Head of Acquisition, has 17 years of real estate acquisitions and valuation experience to build bridges between real estate proptech and traditional brokerage.

Tucker McKay, heading up our Investor Relations, joins us after overseeing Investor Operations at AngelList and Customer Experience at Divvy Homes. 

Our Investors

We are backed by intelligent investors who have invested in other major unicorns of our time.

To date Here has raised $5M from notable VC's including Mucker Capital, Liquid 2 Ventures, Fiat Ventures, Alumni Ventures, and Bragiel Brothers.


Check out our mentions in notable press sites, such as TechCrunch, Fox Business, Business Insider and Men's Journal:


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We look forward to connecting with a new community of investors looking for their big (and surprisingly affordable) foothold into the profitable and growing world of vacation rental investing!