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Invest in Airthium (YC S17)

100x Cheaper Battery to Stop Climate Change

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Our battery lasts 1,000 hours, vs 10 for lithium-ion, for the same cost
Deploying our battery at scale would cut 30% of worldwide CO2 emissions
Our battery provides nonstop electricity using only solar and wind energy
$125B/year Total Addressable Market
Y Combinator alum, $1.7M raised, 6 PhDs from top French universities

Our Team

We can only impact climate change if we make solar and wind better than fossil fuels in *every* way. The lack of cheap seasonal energy storage is the last thing holding renewables back from engulfing the world and stopping CO2 emissions. By unlocking renewables, we are tapping a $125B/year business opportunity.

🌎Help us heal our Planet — before it's too late!

We Humans are stewards of the Earth, yet we are covering it in all  kinds of pollutants. Climate change is just one side of it - exponential landfilling will eventually cover the whole world in waste. Recycling that much waste requires vast amounts of power, and this power must be renewable. This means 100% renewable power must become cheaper than fossil fuels at scale. Batteries are instrumental in reaching that goal, but today's batteries are far from being good enough.
We created a battery that allows the Planet to switch to 100% renewable energy and allows humans to save money in the process. In other words, we make stopping climate change profitable. How? Keep reading!

💪 Seasonal storage needs the world's most efficient Stirling engine ever built to be economical - and our award-winning team is building it.

To beat fossil fuels, we must outsmart them. Our seasonal battery requires a heat engine, and by making it more efficient, we make dependable renewable energy cheaper.

Since we went through Y Combinator in 2017, it took us several attempts until we found a way to increase Stirling engine efficiency from 62% (state of the art) to up to 86% (currently on paper) of the Carnot efficiency, all the while reducing cost by up to 3x. No one has done it in 200 years, and we are well on our way to reach it!

Airthium Stirling Engine prototype
We currently have a room temperature prototype, and are building the first 550°C (1022 °F) prototype for 2023
Airthium awards
Our work has received several national awards, including the Prix Gérondeau by Zodiac Aerospace, Prix des innovateurs by ArcelorMittal, and the Concours Mondial de l'Innovation. We went through Y Combinator in 2017.

⚡️We are enabling our world to live on solar and wind energy alone. And it's cheaper than all fossil fuels.

A 100% renewable energy world used to be impossible. We designed a long-duration battery that is so cheap that it makes 100% renewables cheaper than coal, gas, and nuclear. Our team with 6 PhDs raised $1.7M from Y Combinator, DCVC, Wefunder, and more.

Solar farm
What if solar and wind farms provided all of our electricity?

🔋 Our battery can store 100x more energy for the same cost.

Lithium-ion batteries are the only storage system that can be deployed economically anywhere today. They can store solar and wind energy, but they are limited and expensive — at $200/kWh, it only takes a few hours of discharge to deplete a lithium-ion battery.

Once depleted, recharging isn't always possible as it's not always sunny nor windy. Sometimes, such "droughts" can last weeks, or hundreds of hours. That's why we made a battery that can store 100x more energy for the same cost, at $2/kWh.

Airthium battery: Ammonia storage tank
The core of our battery: a large scale liquid ammonia tank. Credit: TIW Steel Platework Inc.

🔥 Lithium-ion batteries powered phones, then cars, then the grid. Similarly, our Stirling engines will power industrial heat, then the grid.

Seasonal energy storage could reach $100B/year over the next 20 years, but requires very low unit costs. To industrialize, we plan to first sell our Stirling engine as a high-temperature heat pump for industrial boilers, dryers and ovens. This is a $10B/year beachhead market with high ROI and almost no competition in our segment.

Go to market strategy
We plan to first sell our Stirling as a high temperature heat pump for the industry, then industrialize and reduce costs, then sell it as seasonal storage. Lithium-ion did the same in its time to industrialize profitably. Forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

☀️ The days of fossil fuels for power are numbered. People demand a 100% clean energy alternative that does not depend on Geopolitics

Today, Europe needs Russian natural gas to go through the winter. Seasonal storage has what it takes to replace natural gas for the power grid. Renewables are there to stay, and seasonal storage accompanies this change, rather than trying to fight it.

Projected power generation mix by source, 2050, BNEF
Global electricity generation share by source - history and projection to 2050 (Source: Bloomberg New Energy Finance, New Energy Outlook 2019). Note: this is a forward-looking projection and not guaranteed

👨‍🔬This requires a deeply scientific team, and we have it

We have 15 members from various backgrounds, including 6 PhDs, in physics, applied mathematics, and thermodynamics. We have what it takes to create breakthrough innovations and then bring them to market. We know fighting climate change requires capitalism on its side. Your investment here might remove billions of tons of CO2 from the air!

The Airthium team - 2022
The Airthium Team in our French facility, except Franck (US) and Charles (Belgium)