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Get ~10% bonus equity when you invest. Plus exclusive VIP-only deals and dozens of other perks.

Get ~10% bonus equity when you invest

Most companies on Wefunder offer 10% or better terms to our VIP members.

VIPs can look for the VIP Bonus badge with details on better terms.

(See all the companies with VIP terms raising right now)

$27.0M VIP Bonus
$30.0M Original

VIP-Only Exclusive Deals

Don’t miss out on the next Substack, Mercury, or Replit.

Some startups only accept funding from investors they invite. We now negotiate an exclusive allocation so VIPs can also invest.

Waitlist Priority

As a VIP investor, you’ll move ahead of non-VIPs when deals are oversubscribed.

Other Perks

20% off investor fee

Each time you invest, save 20% off our standard investor fee.

(Credit card fees are not discounted pay via bank instead).

Black metal VIP card with dozens of exclusive perks

Use your membership card to access dozens of perks at our portfolio companies.

Special discounts at Wefunder alumni restaurants, breweries, coffeeshops, & more.
Annual software subscriptions from our partners
Discounts on hardware & other gadgets

Concierge support and community

Join our VIP community, where you are the first in line for priority support and product releases.

Priority investor support whenever you need it
Be the first to preview and try new features

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$295 per year
Renews annually
Cancel anytime
$295 per year
Renews annually
Cancel anytime

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