Ulta Beauty's Newest Haircare Brand with $32M+ in Lifetime Sales

Last Funded April 2024


raised from 9,253 investors


Notable Angel

Raised $25k or more from a notable angel investor

$10M+ Revenue

Earned over the last 12 months

~ $32M lifetime revenue (95% of Sales Online Only)
$10M in Gross Revenue 2022 + In-house manufacturing
260,000+ Customers
460 Ulta Beauty Stores

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Our Team

We believe we have the advantage of launching brands in overlooked segments of the market. So far with curly hair ( and 4C hair ( We plan to expand beyond hair with the other brands.

A beauty brand owned by the people

Hi, I’m Kim, CEO & Co-Founder of Listener Brands, which houses two brands, CurlMix and 4C ONLY. 

CurlMix helps you master your curls in 21 days and 4C ONLY is the first and only brand dedicated exclusively to 4C hair. 

We are trailblazers in the beauty industry, building brands that truly listen to the needs of the communities they serve and you better believe we serve with excellence.

Between our two brands, we’ve generated over $32M in lifetime sales.

CurlMix 32 m
illion lifetime sales

We hit our first 8-figure year at $10M in gross revenue in 2022 and have over 260,000 customers. Our net revenue was $8.5M in 2022, after accounting for our loyalty program.

CurlMix 260000 Customers

We’re not just a start-up with an idea; we are a REAL business with a die-hard community of 20,000 core believers in our Facebook Group who TRUST us to continue to meet their needs.

We have built a 30,000 sqft manufacturing facility to support nine figures in revenue with massive kettles and automated machines to fill tubes and bottles.

CurlMix Factory

 To top it all off, we are based right here in the USA on the South Side of Chicago. 

And we’ve sold more than 6 figures in product in over 460 Ulta Beauty stores. 

Thousands of CurlMix Investors Show Up In Ulta Beauty

We’re the real deal. 

Despite all of this, as a Black woman, I consistently face underestimation and inadequate funding, which creates significant obstacles for us.

Women get less than 2% of the billions in venture capital, despite women making up 50% of the population, and Black women get less than .01%.

Techcrunch Funds Raised by Women

Not to mention, the Diversity and Inclusion funds from corporations diminishing or being eliminated altogether.

DEI funding Decline

Before our last crowdfund, we’d been on Shark Tank, Forbes 30 Under 30, Oprah’s Favorite Things, and number 93 on the Inc. 5,000 list of fastest-growing companies in America. 

We had over 100,000 customers and over half a million email addresses.

Despite our success, the powers that be still didn’t believe in us, and I could not raise our Series A of $5M.

So we took to crowdfunding in 2021 and our customers showed out for us. We raised more than $4.5M in a matter of days. 

Over 7,000 investors placed their TRUST in us and we did not disappoint.

Here’s what we did with the investment. 

CurlMix Then vs. Now

That next year, we hit $10M in gross revenue. Since then, we’ve nearly tripled our customer base from 100,000 to 260,000. 

We rebranded our packaging to stand out in the curly hair prestige category for CurlMix and 4C ONLY. 

We moved into our 30,000 sqft factory that can support us until we hit over $100M in revenue. 

We invested in the machines to automate large batch production. 

And we launched into 460 Ulta Beauty Doors on the ENDCAPS , prime real estate. 

We’ve also garnered the support of Cleveland Ave, Founded by Don Thompson, the former President & CEO of McDonald’s Corporation, Cleveland Avenue is a Chicago-based venture capital firm that invests in lifestyle consumer brands and technology companies that positively disrupt large and growing markets.

They’ve since invested in Listener Brands and are working side-by-side with us to further our growth. 

In addition to Cleveland Ave, our investors at the BrainTrust Fund have been incredibly instrumental in guiding us over the last year.

Kendra and Lisa of The Brain Trust Founder Studio Invest $1M in Listener Brands CurlMix and 4C ONLY
BrainTrust Fund invests $1M in Listener Brands

Now, we’re seeking to raise $5M more. 

With this investment, we want to expand both CurlMix and 4C ONLY. 

This includes online growth, retail distribution growth, and a path to profitability. 

With our expansion into retail and a thriving community, while I cannot guarantee any specific results, I do know that this is a rare opportunity you do not want to undervalue or underestimate.

Over the past two years, I have received hundreds of messages from people who missed their chance, regretting sitting on the sidelines, just like those investors who don’t believe in what we are building.

Will you be a part of the community that takes action?

Join us and make your investment today!