Human's best science for human's best friend 👨🏻‍🔬 🧬 🐶

Last Funded July 2021


raised from 1,220 investors
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🐕We’re developing a cost effective cell therapy to cure cancer in dogs. It's proven in humans.
🐶Your funding goes DIRECTLY to our pilot trials in dogs with cancer
$150,000+ committed outside Wefunder during this round
🐩Awarded $394,000 in grant funding to date, including a National Science Foundation Phase I SBIR

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Dogs are part of the family and we don't feel that the current care they get is up to par; they deserve the same technological advances in healthcare that their humans get. Using our expertise in gene editing, we can bring innovation to the veterinary market that has never before been possible.

We're using human's best science for human's best friend

LEAH Labs is the first company utilizing gene editing to engineer living therapies for dogs. Using our proprietary technology, we give living cells the genetic information to seek out and destroy cancer.

We’re using human’s best science, for human’s best friend.