Blue Earth Compost, Inc.

Blue Earth Compost is changing the way that people think about food waste

Last Funded April 2023


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🌿Make Green When You Invest in Green! We're a profitable company disrupting the waste industry.
💡One of the leading food scrap collection services in the nation.
💪Over 29 million pounds diverted & counting!
🌿That's equivalent to burning 1M less gallons of oil & 10k tons of CO2 out of the atmosphere

Our Team

At heart, we are environmentalists disguised as business people. We are driven to make our communities more sustainable by regenerating our soil. We believe that if we have healthy soil, it's a big step towards a healthy planet for all to share equitably.

Who We Are

Blue Earth Compost is tackling the enormous issue of food ending up in landfills and incinerators.

50% of material put at the curb is compostable and studies say that 40% of the food that we grow in the United States is wasted! If food waste were a country it would be the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases in the world. Disgusting!

Soil is the Solution!

When food is composted it reconnects the carbon with our soils and thus the carbon cycle. The carbon cycle is the delicate balance between carbon in the ground and in the air. We're experiencing climate change because too much carbon is in the atmosphere. When we compost food scraps we sequester carbon into the soil and enrich it microbially and nutritionally.

What We Do

Blue Earth Compost makes composting accessible to homes, businesses, and municipalities by offering collection services. We help our clients to separate the material out from the trash stream by giving them right-sized containers and helpful guidance. 

And we're pretty darn good at it, too! We've received local and national recognition for our work. We're the largest food scrap collection company in CT and we're really just getting started.

Right now, we compost about 4,000 tons of food scraps per year, but in Connecticut alone about 540,000 tons are generated! With your help, we can increase our impact greatly and expand more into neighboring states.

Here's Our Plan

About 50% of food waste occurs at home and the other half occurs at
restaurants, schools, grocery stores and other commercial locations. Our
plan is to provide solutions for customers big and small by scaling up
what we do well and expanding into new opportunities for growth.

What Your Investment Will Do

Your investment helps us to build more capacity to divert food scraps away from landfills and incinerators and towards a better use. We'll purchase collection vehicles, hire drivers, and purchase equipment that helps us to create nutrient rich compost!

Every $100,000 of investment equals about 1,000 tons of food scraps composted per year. 

Why You Should Invest in Blue Earth

  • Advantageous business location
  • 90+% of customers are likely to recommend us
  • Forward Thinking Vision
  • Established & Stellar Brand Reputation
  • Value Proposition - Economic, Social, and Environmental
  • Amenable debt to equity ratio - debt is all very low interest
  • Willingness to offer more equity as the business grows
  • Safe! Very few and minimal safety incidents
  • Recognized in our field
  • Vehicles and equipment are well maintained
  • Consistent growth year over year
  • Experienced and diverse set of advisors
    Forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed.