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Atom Limbs

The world’s first mind-controlled bionic arm (back for round 2!) 🦾

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Investor Panel


💸 First crowdfunding campaign successfully raised $1.79 million
🚀 Backed by venture capital studio VILLAGE Global whose LPs include Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos
🍎 Team & advisors include former execs from Apple, Johns Hopkins, IDEO, Intel, Seismic, & Tesla
💰 Preliminary R&D was funded by a $120 million grant from DARPA and U.S. Dept. of Defense
💪🏽 AI-powered, mind-controlled arm that restores basic sense of touch, dexterity, & curls 45lbs
🏆 Selected for 2021 US Air Force “Innovative Defense-Related Technologies” Grant
📱 CEO co-founded Bebo before selling to Amazon, and studied neuroscience at St. Olaf College
📈 Current member waitlist tops 200+ ($4M+ in potential revenue) and is constantly growing

Our Team

When I was 24, my dad got lung cancer. He passed away soon after. That's when I learned that life is short. Ever since, I've only wanted to work on meaningful things, impactful to humanity at large. After 10 years in development, we've created the world's first mind-controlled and most advanced bionic arm.

Why Atom Limbs?

Atom Limbs is on a mission to change lives with artificial limbs that recreate the way natural limbs move and feel—starting with the world’s first truly mind-controlled bionic arm. Atom Touch restores basic sense of touch, has near-full dexterity, and curls 45lbs. 

Movement occurs when a person’s brain sends signals down their spinal cord and into nerves in the corresponding muscle. After limb loss, the nerves are still intact but don’t have anything tangible to control. Using a state-of-the-art bracelet worn around the residual limb to capture and read signals from the wearer’s healthy nerves, Atom Touch moves as intuitively as a natural limb—and even has a basic sense of touch…

Six months ago—before our last successful crowdfunding campaign where we raised 182% of our $1,000,000 goal—Atom Limbs was working with a different team, different prototype, and entirely different funding options...

Now, with more big names in this dynamic team, and even bigger goals, we’re back to bring more investors into the fold. The limitless future of the human mind means we can empower change for more people on an even larger scale—up to and including the rest of the human body…

Despite modern advancements in medicine and tech, many artificial limbs available today still resemble the prosthetics given to amputees in the 1890s... Meant to give the appearance of a functioning limb, they’re relatively useless to the wearer. Even the most advanced artificial limbs on the market are bulky and powered by the body, severely limiting their potential.

This revolutionary, mind-controlled bionic arm is fully able to mimic the intuitive movements of a natural limb. Individually dexterous fingers and a rotating wrist empower natural movement, and a simple thought is enough to make Atom Touch grasp, grip, push, pull, curl, wave, write, or type…

What started as a grant from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency for Johns Hopkins University has turned into a phenomenon that has the prosthetics world buzzing.  Tested by over 20 disabled individuals with groundbreaking results, the Atom Touch bionic arm is already changing the world.

Only 20% of amputees choose to wear an artificial limb, because most limbs on the market fail to improve everyday life. 10M+ amputees worldwide want a functional solution, and the global prosthetics market is projected to $13B by 2028.

The world is taking notice. From being featured on CBS’s 60 Minutes to the New York Times, Forbes, PBS NewsHour, freethink, Motherboard, and the Medical Futurist podcast, Atom Limbs is making a BIG impression in the tech and medical circles.

Our never-before-shown prototype developments include an innovative “apparel-like” attachment system, cuff, and socket, all for the most natural look and feel on the market...

Backed by an executive team of brilliant neuroscientists, engineers, developers, and industrial designers from a variety of Silicon Valley powerhouses, Atom Limbs is primed and ready for incredible success.

Growing list of high-powered investors includes Furqan Rydhan, Atom Limbs CEO’s co-founder at Bebo and CEO of Founders, Inc. This serial entrepreneur knows his way around startups (started a dot-com at 15 years old, and built his first company at 17...) and is so confident in the ultimate success of Atom Limbs, he’s invested $50,000 in previous rounds.

The world has never seen a mind-controlled prosthetic limb before, because one has never been successfully created—until now. “Competitors” don’t even come close to matching this unrivaled tech. Those who have experienced limb loss can now give a literal middle finger to the useless prosthetics of the past...

Atom Limbs has no intention of putting a pause on this huge momentum. Once we’ve dominated prosthetic arms, legs are a natural next step. After that, who knows? This proprietary tech has the potential to extend the lifespan of humans by rebuilding from the ground up. Dare we say it? The Human Body 2.0.

In our successful first round of crowdfunding, savvy investors raised nearly $2 million... We closed fundraising efforts to focus on fine-tuning the Atom Touch and releasing it to the public, and now, we’re back to give investors one last chance to own a piece of the future of prosthetics. Join us!