Kyle - It’s Not So Bad

Global superstar KYLE offers shares in his music royalties!

Last Funded July 2022


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Participate with American R&B/hip-hop star, Kyle, and get a share of his rewards.
Kyle has enjoyed over 2B streams and counting, and over 650M views on YouTube across his content.
Participate in music rewards from our first-ever full-album MFT sale with 'It’s Not So Bad'.
Music rewards are accumulated every time songs from the album are streamed on major platforms.

Our Team

We believe in a future where musicians keep complete control of the music they create, express creativity without limits, and forge even deeper connections with their fans.

A new way to participate in music

MFT stands for Music Fungible Token. The token represents fractionalized shares of future rewards earned from an underlying copyright. Whenever the track is streamed on platforms like Spotify or Apple Music, you get paid! Currently, we are the only platform that offers SEC-compliant music royalty crypto-tokens, and we are proud to have pioneered the concept.

Opulous uses fungible tokens as the basis for all our MFT sales since they are divisible and can be easily traded for another asset of like kind. As such, MFTs allow us to participate in the rewards generate from the music.

Introducing KYLE

With 2 billion streams and counting, Kyle already has legions of listeners across the globe.

He hit the ground running with his smash hit "iSpy" in 2016, which reached #4 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. This was followed by his first album Light of Mine, which broke into the Top 30 of the Billboard 200.

Kyle has worked with music heavyweights like Kehlani, G-Eazy, Chance the Rapper, Miguel, Ty Dolla $ign, and more. Kyle’s also an established actor, having starred in the movie The After Party in 2018 - and more recently in the crime drama Cherry. Talk about multi-talented!

But perhaps most importantly, Kyle is not just a gifted artist - he also embraces our vision of blending music with technology. It’s the perfect partnership.

This collaboration with Opulous will be Kyle’s first foray into MFTs:

"I wanted to release a whole MFT album with Opulous so that my fans and I can get closer to a model of becoming successful as a unit, redefining success together. Sharing this experience with fans and maybe even friends and family is a valuable thing. I don’t think anything will be able to match the feeling as we cross the finish line together.”  - KYLE

Join the It’s Not So Bad MFT Sale

The MFT sale of Kyle’s latest full album, It’s Not So Bad, is set to launch on June 1st. And remember, our MFTs are SEC-compliant - this is one of the first times future master recordings for an entire album are tokenized into MFTs. 

Our previous sales with Lil Pump, Soulja Boy, and Ard Adz sold out within an hour, so you’ll have to be quick! Make sure you’re ready to buy as soon as the sale goes live to avoid disappointment.

Of course, accessibility is our priority. We want to make it as easy as possible for anyone to earn a share of music rewards alongside their favorite artists.

And since It’s Not So Bad has already been released, you’ll immediately start earning a portion of the album’s royalty revenue together with KYLE. Whenever any of its songs are played on streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and even Tik Tok – you’re earning money!

Remember, the higher your participation, the larger the share of rewards you'll own.

Exclusive Artwork NFT Tiers 

Along with KYLE’S MFT sale, we offer an NFT Artwork Collection, which features amazing VIP perks including meeting KYLE in person or at a concert.

Our artwork NFTs are designed to take each fan’s journey to a whole new level by fusing unique digital art with immersive VIP experiences for the entire music industry. 

Check out some of the amazing perks these NFT packages offer:

How does it work?

Step 1: Buy your MFT

Once you've purchased your MFT, the sale period remains open for three weeks to comply with regulations - even after it sells out. Kyle Album, LLC will then file its Form C Disclosures and WeFunder will send out a contract for each member to sign.

These securities are offered under a registration exemption (Regulation CF) with the US SEC, so we need to do things by the book - which means it’ll take some extra time to process all the sales securely. Once all the paperwork is completed, WeFunder needs another two weeks to process the sales.

Step 2: Receive your MFTs

You’ll receive an email from Opulous once everything is approved and finalized, prompting you to opt-in for your MFT.

You will need MY ALGO or Pera Wallet containing at least 0.302 ALGO to receive both your MFT and Artwork. Once you’ve opted in, it will take our securities partner, Securitize, three days to process the information. As soon as Securitize has finished processing the tokens, your MFT be sent to your wallet.

It’s important to note that Opulous MFTs fall under U.S. Securities laws, and these regulations prevent the token from being traded within the first 12 months. However, after this lockup period, you’ll be able to trade your tokens on the Opulous platform - set to launch Q4 2022 - where anyone can buy and sell MFTs.

Step 3: Get Paid

Whenever tracks from Kyle’s full album It’s Not So Bad earn revenue - whether that’s music rewards generated from streaming, neighboring rights, or sync rights - MFT holders will earn a share of the money.  The album has already been out for a number of months and all the rewards already generated will also be shared with the MFT holders.

Music platforms like Spotify and Apple Music payout every quarter, so it can take up to three months for the rewards to start rolling into your account.

Payouts will be sent directly to your Opulous account. You’ll be able to track, filter, and withdraw your MFT’s royalty earnings - as well as access every release’s streaming stats.

Member Economics

Kyle Album, LLC has obtained 7.17% of the Master rights to KYLE's album, It's Not So Bad. Through the Opulous platform, members can receive a share of potential profits from the full album, including music rewards generated from streaming, neighboring rights, and sync rights.

It's important to note that profits are calculated using the revenue generated by the music release and deducting all the LLC costs.

Kyle Album, LLC plans to distribute profits quarterly in USDC tokens to holders' digital wallets. The Company reserves the right to change the frequency of distributions.

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