Ruth Health

Equitable tech-enabled healthcare for Moms nationwide

Last Funded April 2023


raised from 52 investors


Join top investors—$3.1M in funding from Giant VC, YC, Techstars, UnitedHealthcare, Crista Galli
9 out of 10 patients would recommend—94 NPS score (Apple's: 51, Airbnb's: 74)
Fast-growing traction: revenue up 60% in Sept 2022, nearly 200 patients to date
Major B2B contract secured with a subsidiary of the largest insurance company in U.S.—go live: 2023

Our Team

Maternal health in America is our life's work. From unmet needs due to shrinking standards of OB care to minimal prevention, women are underserved. Ours is the highest maternal mortality / morbidity rate of any nation in the developed world. Even well-off, insured women don't get the care they deserve. Our mission is to improve care for every body.

Why Ruth Health?

We're on a mission:
To make quality, joyful maternal healthcare accessible for every body. 🧡

Expecting parents today need our help ➡️

The traditional pregnancy-to-postpartum care model alone isn’t enough to support a healthy pregnancy and postpartum recovery. Navigating supplemental services is a nightmare — logistically, financially.

Prior to finding us, patients have reported waitlists at 2 weeks to see a Lactation Consultant, 6 months to see a Pelvic Floor Therapist, and 4 months to talk to a doula. Patients in rural America may have to travel up to 2 hours to see a provider.  😤

We knew there had to be a better way. So we built it with telehealth. 

📲 We even put a doula in your pocket, so anyone anywhere in America—from 9-months pregnant moms in rural Georgia to brand new dads in San Francisco—can get answers from a Certified Doula who cares. 

We've even supported LIVE BIRTHS! See a few of those sweet babies below:

This product took off in just two months!  🚀 

But we don't just sell to satisfied patients... we're also going after B2B clients from small businesses to huge national employers. Every employee deserves better maternal care coverage from their job. 🤱🏽

🚨With over 3 million births per year, our opportunity is huge. Even just taking care of those with private insurance or Medicaid, there are 2.1 MILLION moms and parents who need our help. 🚨

Our growth is accelerating as of fall 2022, with no signs of stopping. 📈

And there is so much more work to be done from here—with your support!

Why invest? Because women deserve better. Because we're a female-founded company built for us, by us. 

And because giants like YCombinator, UnitedHealthcare Accelerator Powered by Techstars, Crista Galli, and our lead investors at Giant Ventures already made their bet on us.

Raising up to $1,235,000 through Reg CF

And behind all this technology, we are the humans behind the mission.

We won't stop until maternal care serves every body. 🧡