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Last Funded April 2021


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Own part of Treefort, 5-day music + multi-disciplinary festival of discovery in Downtown Boise, ID
A dynamic hub for creatives that energizes the cultural and economic ecosystem in Boise and beyond
More than 40,000 full festival passes sold and 133,000 total attendees over 8 years.
Featured 1000s of bands from all over the world, such as Lizzo, George Clinton, Liz Phair, CHAI

Our Team

Treefort, in large part, was launched to catalyze a fresh ecosystem in Boise and provide a raised platform for emerging talent to build careers from. We wanted to induce an appetite for discovery locally and establish Boise as a city where musicians and creatives could thrive. We love this work, and stay playful as we do it.

Treefort Music Fest: Vital to Boise's Recovery

Treefort Music Fest is a force for community building and creative empowerment in Boise, Idaho and beyond. We are seeking financial support by way of a community ownership offering to see us through COVID-19 shutdowns and secure the future of our festival. Treefort surviving this moment will prove to be a crucial engine for sparking the broader recovery for Boise and the cultural ecosystem around the Pacific Northwest.

Treefort is more than a music festival.

Since its inception in 2012, Treefort has been a conduit for creators and the creative vibrancy of Boise. Treefort continually sparks enthusiasm and kinetic activity for Boise’s music, arts, and creative industries. It is a hub and multiplier of creative capital, as well as an economic driver for downtown Boise and the community at large.

An investment in Treefort’s recovery will be amplified across Boise’s creative ecosystem and broader economy for years to come.

"All of this allows Treefort to bring something to the table that other festivals can’t- empowerment. The team running the show isn’t a boardroom assigned by big donors. The showrunners are women, POC, queer folks who know that with intersectionality we all win. And this isn’t rooted in some misguided sense of duty. The world is diverse. Their dream is to capture that, to hopefully let those marginalized voices have the floor in some fashion. And what you wind up with is Treefort- a beautiful congregation of those deserving to be heard and those ready to listen." - The 405 

Treefort has always invested in the community. Now, we need the community to invest in Treefort.

Two weeks before our ninth annual festival, the pandemic caused us to postpone from March to September 2020, yet we had already paid for much of the festival. In effort to keep our community safe, Treefort 9 postponed a second time to September 2021. We intend to hold Treefort 10 in March 2022.

Treefort invites its community to become part owners of the festival. This financial commitment will help us through the coming months and ensure our return in 2021, while continuing to help us bring meaningful programming to the Boise community at a time when it needs it most.

Treefort put Boise on the map.

Treefort has given a national voice to a local scene that was once invisible to the outside world, and thus, has helped Boise retain many aspiring artists and creatives. Treefort has put Boise on the map and has differentiated our city from similar markets in the region.

For nearly a decade, Treefort has provided a platform to address worldly issues with intention, championed innovation, advocated for inclusivity and equity, held space for emotion and processing, and created opportunities to discover; all the while fostering a fun, happy, and safe experience in downtown Boise for people of all ages.

From an entire Main Stage crowd shedding tears at Kate Tempest’s set in 2017, to shoulder-to-shoulder rooms filled with sweaty fans crowdsurfing and head bobbing to their new favorite bands, to the young musicians playing their first festival set, to the 25,000 people exploring the rising artistic communities in Boise through the forts of the fest — Treeforters have experienced it all and are better because of those experiences.

Treefort pivots to stimulate the community.

In 2011, Treefort planted a seed to bring energy to downtown Boise. By 2014, Treefort had grown to become a catalyst for economic and cultural activity, as recognized by being named the Cultural Ambassador for the City of Boise until 2017. In 2015, Treefort became the first-ever festival to receive B-Corp status. In 2016, Treefort helped found Boise All Ages Movement Project (B-AMP) with a mission of strengthening youth access to music and culture in Boise. Fast-forward to 2020, in the midst of postponing Treefort 9 and a global pandemic, Treefort did not go dormant; we immediately found ways to support our local ecosystem. 

Since March 2020, Treefort launched the CCC Fund alongside the Morrison Center and Boise City Department of Arts & History to provide relief and energy to 69 local creatives; started the Treefort Live Music Relief Fund to assist our local live music ecosystem; become an active partner in City of Good to support local restaurants and provide food to those who need it most; is serving as a leader and the voice of Idaho in a national effort to save independent live music venues; is active in anti-racism conversations within the greater Boise arts and culture community.

With your support, Treefort can keep its momentum.

Treefort’s survival will continue to...

  • Energize the Boise creative economy
  • Give a voice, stage, and opportunity to emerging artists from across the globe
  • Make space for young, aspiring artists
  • Push boundaries in our industry and set the tone for festivals everywhere
  • Raise the cultural bar in Boise while lowering the barrier for entry
  • Create opportunities to discover, connect and engage
  • Be an environmental steward
  • Drive meaningful economic impact in Boise and beyond

Happy Treefort!

“We’re all in this together” has never felt more significant than now, imagining a Boise without Treefort Music Fest is unfathomable. Treefort is spring. It’s when we emerge from the depths of winter. Our festival marks the season of energy, discovery, and creativity.

Your investment gives us the ability to ensure Treefort Music Fest's continued success. Your investment gives you ownership in Treefort for a lifetime.

Your contribution gives you sweet perks and eternal glory -- not only because you saved Treefort, but you’ve now become a part of the Guardians of the Fort*, those responsible for protecting and reviving an organization that truly has the best interests and passions of Boise in its mission.

*at the $500 investment level