Robotic system that helps companies deliver safely and timely to their customers

Last Funded May 2022


raised from 832 investors


Investors include Berkeley Skydeck, Infinity, Prototype Capital, & TYLT Ventures
Key partnerships with the City of San Jose, Shopify, Rappi, Ordermark, and Olo.
Agreements signed with Domino's Pizza & Chick-fil-A. (3 other big deals to be announced in Q1)
Advisors include Andrew Savage (Lime), Patrick Lee (Rotten Tomatoes), Ariel Poler & Trevor Darrell.

Our Team

Being able to move stuff around us is fundamental to optimize local commerce.

We made the world’s most affordable delivery service — little robots taking the industry by storm.

Delivery today is pricey. We raised $5M to make robots that have made more than 100,000 deliveries today. We partnered with Rappi, Shopify, Ordermark, and 3 other public companies that we will announce soon. Our next milestone is making San Jose the first robotified city in the world.

80% of parcels will be delivered by autonomous vehicles in the next decade. But delivery today is too expensive... for everyone.

For every order, customers pay a 17-40% higher price due to delivery fees. Merchants experience a 20-40% cut from third-party marketplace commissions.

We are leading the robotic revolution — building the autonomous delivery infrastructure of tomorrow.

The Kiwibot boasts proven operational technology with autonomous obstacle avoidance sensors and sidewalk and corner location detectors. Our current focus is providing an end-to-end robotic infrastructure to restaurant chains and food delivery aggregators.

After 100,000 orders, we’ve achieved sustainable growth while reducing costs.

Kiwi is making San Jose the first robotified city in the world.

We partnered with the San Jose Department of Transportation, Shopify, Olo, and Ordermark to directly integrate with over 120 restaurants in the city. We're launching July 2020.

As seen on Shark Tank

We were part of the first season of Shark Tank Colombia

This is a $15 billion opportunity for last-mile logistics

And the time is now as we’re for the first time ever experiencing a “new normal.”

We are improving people's lives with the world's most affordable and technologic delivery service for local commerce around the world.

Join our mission so we can make our delivery service faster and cheaper than any out there — empowering you to get whatever you want when you want it.