We're a marketplace for the Queer community to book queer-competent therapists.

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Our mission -- to reduce health outcome disparities in the queer community.
Our product -- simple, online booking for queer-competent healthcare (IRL or telehealth).
Our team -- having build Oscar health for the past 4 years, we're now focused on queer healthcare.

Our Founder

While building Oscar Health, I saw the massive health outcome disparities for the queer community. Did you know a queer individual is 2x as likely to face a mental health disorder in a given year, relative to a non-queer individual? I want to fix this. 

Booking a therapist is now easy.

As a gay male, I found it extremely difficult to find and book a therapist that understood my needs. With Violet, queer individuals can filter, find, and book therapists instantly. Here's our madlib tool: 

Once a user populates their information, they're shown results. They can then book a video call instantly. if it's a good fit, they can subscribe to a weekly call with this therapist. Here's what the booking looks like: 

Compared to the 'yellow-pages' style of results that most websites surface, ours is more simple and easier to digest. Users are shown three options and they can book a call with the one that's most compelling. For contrast, see the #1 Google search result below: 

The problems my users have identified with this site: 

(1) Can't book online. They have to call or email.

(2) Can't tell degree of queer-competency. Yes, it says "Gay" on the listing; but, does this mean they can work with gay patients or are they gay themselves? 

(3) Can't tell pricing, especially if there's a sliding scale.