LinkedIn for underrepresented professionals

Last Funded February 2020


raised from 69 investors


Over 7000 organic users in our network and counting
Over 3000 jobs posted to our network
We are a team of 50% women with 10+ gender+ethnic combos
We are closing the diversity & inclusion gap

Our Team

We chose this idea because every single person on our team knows what it means to be marginalized and discriminated against because of the color of our skin or our gender or orientation; this is a huge problem to solve and feel very strongly about it. $400 Billion a year is lost due to lack of diversity and we aim to regain this lost capital.

The Story of Divercity.io

In 2016, three best friends put their savings together to start a company to help connect underrepresented people via their smartphones. Our savings ran out and we pitched to our Uncles and Aunties, and they believed in us and helped us bootstrap our first MVP. 

  • Original Co-Founders Emmanuel, Chuka, and Onuwa (and Emmanuel's Little Girl Maya)

  • Our augmented founding team including Onuwa, Joanna (on of the world's best UI/UX Designers), and Chuka

McKinsey changed the game!

“Companies in the top quartile for racial and ethnic diversity are 35% more likely to have financial returns above industry medians.” 
– McKinsey, 2015

For the first time, a lot of companies began to take diversity more seriously and this opened the door for us. We launched our website shortly after research like this proliferated the tech industry. 

Open sesame!

In 2017 we decided to open the platform to all folks that consider themselves marginalized as opposed to just people of color, and this was a great decision because it has given us so many different perspectives.

Our Customers

In 2018, Warner Bros. decided to become our first customer, and we were elated! WB has always been a company that valued diversity, so to see them put their money and time where their mouth was was so fulfilling. Then Amplitude, and Unity Technologies, and STARZ, and other tech companies joined the platform and helped us realize we were really on to something. 

Our customers as of July 2019

Our Traction

Since our recent launch, we've seen over 7,000 users added to our network and over 3,000 jobs added to the platform. We also have a perfect 5-star rating in both app stores and our pitch was the winner of the Founder Gym cohort 7 pitch competition mainly due to the strength of our product and the company vision. We are aiming for 10000 active users this year and 100,000 by late next year. 

Now we're on track to becoming the largest underrepresented professional network in the world!

With thousands of users and jobs and counting we are just getting started and would love for you to join us in this mission. This is how we intend to use the funds we raise via WeFunder:

60% towards our engineering and recruiting teams, 20% towards full-timing our UI/UX Interns,  12.5% towards marketing, legal, and tools costs, and 7.5% towards Wefunder.

Thanks for choosing us! Enjoy a good dose of our team 😃

- Our team in Madrid, Spain (above) and at our WeWork office in San Francisco (below)

- Our Engineering offsite in Sacramento last California (June 2019)