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Introducing the YC Summer ‘22 Batch

Published on Oct 6, 2022

We're thrilled to announce that over 20 Y Combinator companies from the Summer 2022 batch have now launched on Wefunder.

Now anyone can invest as little as $100 in YC Summer ‘22 companies.

What is Y Combinator?

Y Combinator is the most prestigious startup accelerator in the world, known for successes including Airbnb, Stripe, Coinbase, Cruise, Doordash, Dropbox, Reddit, and Twitch. Over 3,500 companies from YC have been funded with a combined valuation of almost $1 Trillion

Why this is exciting

Before Wefunder changed the legislation in 2016, only wealthy and well-connected investors had the opportunity to invest in Y Combinator companies and what they believed could be "the next Airbnb."

Today, anyone, regardless of background, connections, or income, will have the opportunity to invest in startups from YC’s Summer 2022 Batch.

IMPORTANT: Wefunder does not endorse any company, and nothing in this thread constitutes investment advice or an investment recommendation. This is not endorsed or directly affiliated with Y Combinator.



Artemis Labs: Making collaboration easy for data scientists. 

  • Team previously founded and exited two startups.
  • Raised $750k this round.

Boostly: The SMS marketing platform for restaurants.

  • $105k MRR, 400+ customers since founding.
  • $1.1M raised from VCs.

Cambio: Mobile app helping financially responsible consumers repair bad credit.

  • Growing 50% MoM, 10k total users.
  • Serial founders with previous exits.

Coupl: A neobank for couples in India.

  • Built and launched a neobank in under 6 months.
  • ₹500k (~$6k) GTV in under 2 weeks.

Derisk: Key custody software that secures crypto assets for businesses.

  • 8 weeks from incorporation to $15k ARR.
  • Raised $1M this round from VCs.

Grai: Open source version control for metadata.

  • Wrote first line of code 2 months ago, already have first paying customer.
  • $650k raised in this round from investors.

Gullak: Automating savings and investing them in gold.

  • $350k Monthly GMV in 60 days, growing 25% weekly.
  • Founders are the core team from Series C, Juspay.

Juicebox: Shopify for independent tech contractors.

  • $4K MRR and 410 contractors in 4 weeks from launch.
  • Previous investors include Amino Capital, Phoenix Club, and Pareto.

Kashin: Square for micro-merchants in Latin America.

  • $60k+ monthly revenue, growing 51% MoM.
  • $820k raised as part of the current round led by Goodwater Capital.

Landeed: India’s fastest property title search engine.

  • $8k MRR, 93% weekly revenue growth.
  • $3.8M raised from VCs, including 23 YC alum.

Lotus: Automating custom usage-based pricing for businesses.

  • Raised $1M in current round.
  • Team of MIT quants.

Maverick: Extract lithium using engineered microbes.

  • Patent-pending LithX has 53% cost savings per ton of extracted lithium.
  • LithX uses 13% less energy and provides 43% reduction in CO2 emissions.

Moneco: Neobank for African migrants in Europe.

  • Addressing a market of 5.8M people with potential of $2.6B by 2025.
  • Raised 1.8M from notable VCs including Kima Ventures and Soma Ventures.

Movinglake: Real-time API data connectors.

  • Three months from idea to $1k MRR.
  • Expert team from Google, Amazon, others.

Oneleet: Your Security Department as a service.

  • $112k ARR with 12 customers, launched last month.
  • $2M raised outside Wefunder from Metaplanet, FPV Ventures, NKM Capital.

Patika: Simple Receivable Automation & Payments for Africa’s SMBs.

  • In 6 weeks, $1.2k MRR, growing 40% MoM.
  • $510K raised from Asymmetry, Goodwater Capital, True Culture Fund.

Sideguide: Helps API companies accelerate adoption with live code sandboxes.

  • 10 paid pilots & MVP in a month; used by projects at Meta.
  • Built a B2C education platform to $9,000/mo in just four months.

Ten Lives: Impossible foods for pets.

  • In 3 months, launched a cat snack and sold out of pre-orders.
  • $1.2m raised from Collaborative Fund, Positive Ventures, & YC alum.

Tersho: No-code business intelligence tool for spreadsheets.

  • $1.5K MRR in 3 weeks.
  • $650k raised from VCs and founders/CXOs of Airbnb, Nutty Gritties, TradeIndia.

Trendex: Invest in athletes and creators like you invest in stock.

  • 60+ celebrities signed exclusive contracts for 20 years with a combined 45 million followers.
  • Investors include 3 unicorn founders.

Weltio: LatAm AutoInvesting in securities & crypto.

  • From launch 8 weeks ago, $40k AUMs from 400+ users.
  • $950k+ raised including 3 VCs, 2 unicorn founders.

All companies in this thread are "testing the waters" to gauge investor interest in an offering under Regulation Crowdfunding.