Tersho (YC S22)

No-code BI tool that lives in spreadsheets

Last Funded May 2023




Y Combinator

Raised from Y Combinator

Helps connect spreadsheets to all your data sources and build insightful visualizations
$1.5k MRR from 9 dashboards in 3 weeks
Removes reliance of non-tech people on data teams
$16B market opportunity (2.2m businesses with 100+ employees * 30 seats * $20/seat)

Our Team


At Tersho, we're creating a new all inclusive, no-code BI tool that lives in the spreadsheet.

So far, we have achieved a monthly recurring revenue of $1.5k from 9 dashboards in 3 weeks.

Our top-tier engineers have impressive educational and professional backgrounds, with one founder becoming the youngest-ever CS graduate and the other the successful creator of BookMySlot.

We want to widen access to business intelligence by making tools easy to understand, even for non-tech people. Widening accessibility to these tools also reduces dependency on data teams, freeing up more time.

As Tersho is incorporated into spreadsheets, adoption is easy as users won't have to learn a new interface.

Successful rental furniture company Pabio switched to our platform and found that not only does Tersho provide simple access to business intelligence, we are also 4x cheaper and require fewer clicks to get the job done.

With a strong team of experts and $1500 MRR in the first 3 weeks of operation, we are rapidly tapping into a $16B market opportunity.

Our plan to build the most-used BI tool will be achieved by introducing no-code add-in for the two most popular spreadsheet platforms, AI-powered dashboards and finally automated insights.

We believe are on track for $100K MMR in the period of just over 1 year, with 130+ companies on our waitlist including Microsoft and Volvo.