Cambio (YC S22)

Mobile app helping financially responsible consumers repair bad credit

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Y Combinator

Raised from Y Combinator

7 in 10 users improve scores in the first month
$17k MRR, growing 50% MoM, 10k total users
Serial entrepreneurs with previous exit
US household debt grew to $16T in 2022, compared to $14T in 2019

Our Team


Cambio makes financial rebuilding simple and affordable for the 68 million consumers with a credit score below 650.

The problem:

  • Having an item in collections can keep your credit score below 650 for 7 years
  • It’s a 2-4 year complex process to get these items resolved and to show positive credit history
  • Consumers spend an extra $1,500 annually on credit repair services

Introducing Cambio:

Our platform helps consumers take immediate action to repair their credit.

  1. We do a soft pull of the users credit
  2. Identify negative items on credit reports
  3. Dispute/settle items to improve their credit scores
  4. Refinance overpriced auto loans

7 in 10 members see a credit score improvement in the first 30 days, by an average of 32 points.


Why we built Cambio:

In 2014, I co-founded SavvyIntel, we bootstrapped and I went into debt to keep the business afloat. In 6 months, I went from having a 780+ credit score to going into collections and having my credit score drop into the 570s. SavvyIntel got acquired in 2017, it still took me 4 years to rebuild my credit back to 780. We know the pain and want to make it easier for consumers to get ahead financially.