Landeed (YC S22)

India's fastest property title search engine

Last Funded January 2023


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All three founders are 2x YC, and second startup together in India
$4m of LOIs with two governments and a global real estate consultancy firm
$8k MRR, 93% Weekly Revenue Growth
Filling a crucial market gap - 1.5M property searches in the last 4 months, 42% growth MoM

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Landeed is building India's (then for rest of the world) fastest and most comprehensive property title search engine.

More than 84% of Indian household wealth is stored in real estate, property and land.

However, with 2/3rds of all court cases in India dealing with land-related disputes, it is essential that people have accessible public records to both protect themselves against litigation and provide appropriate documentation for facilitating transactions.

Land related disputes make up the majority of all court cases in India, so sourcing reliable property records is a common issue. Landeed is India's fastest property title search engine which produces property documents instantly. Speeding up the process of getting property documents makes due diligence 10 times faster, saving people's as well as the court's valuable time. Landeed is a neobank, but it works differently to a traditional banks, the main reason being because deposits are dealt with in land rather than cash. Landeed employs unique measures for lending and investments and has created its own safeguarding measures. This is an important tool with a large market opportunity, as 84% of wealth in the average Indian household is held in real estate. We aim to increase the GDP of the physical world by making transacting land as easy as trading equity.