Woods Beer & Wine

San Francisco brewery and winery, expanding to two new locations

Last Funded April 2024


raised from 221 investors


Woods Beer & Wine Co. is an award-winning brewery fast becoming the signature beer of San Francisco.
A family of 5 taprooms in SF with one on the way in San Anselmo and another in Cole Valley, SF.
Pioneer of the hub and spoke distribution model in SF, with a brewery / winery on Treasure Island.
2018 expansion into natural wine brand quickly gaining traction with recent Whole Foods approval.

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Crafted by and for the Bay

Woods Beer & Wine Co. is a family of bars, brewpubs, and wineries around the San Francisco Bay Area. We make creative, small-batch beer and wine inspired by nature, place, and tradition.

Woods encompasses retail and wholesale markets, distributing beer and wine made at our production headquarters on Treasure Island to our retail partners as well as our network of neighborhood-focused taprooms across the Bay Area.

Which brings us to this raise.

Our Woods empire continues to expand, and we are soon opening 2 new taprooms: one in San Anselmo and another in the Cole Valley neighborhood of San Francisco. We’re offering our community a chance to be a part of our future.

In 2015, we converted the majority of convertible debt holders from a previous raise on the same terms in a $1M Series A round. By investing in Woods Beer & Wine Co., you're not only gaining the potential upside of a Bay Area staple; you're also supporting a homegrown dream.

Did We Call It an Empire?

We did.

Wood Beer & Wine Co. began in 2012 as Woods Cerveceria, a tiny brewpub on the corner of Dolores Park.

We quickly gained a reputation for our hospitality, community events like our annual Girl Scout Cookie-inspired beer party (more on that later), and, most of all, for our unconventional brews flagshipped by MateVeza, an IPA brewed with yerba mate.  

Now Woods has taprooms all over SF full of creative, small-batch beer as well as our line of natural wines. Each serves simple, takeout-friendly food like empanadas or pizzas in partnership with our community of local restaurants and makers.

Our beers, wines, and bars are explorations close to home: welcoming but unexpected, made to share, and deeply rooted here. We’re fueled by where—and who—we are. 

We’ve made a name for ourselves and our family of taprooms was included in The 16 Best San Francisco Breweries to Try Right Now this year by Thrillist and Top Breweries in the Bay Area by SF Chronicle. We also won multiple awards including Gold at the World Beer Cup and the Brewers Cup of California.

Woods is a crew of creative brewers and winemakers, adventurous drinkers, and unique Bay Area bars. We are a proud part of California’s inspiring community of makers, chefs, artists, and business owners: an empire built by and for our community.

Hub & Spoke Structure

Woods pioneered the huband spoke model in the San Francisco Bay Area, with a production headquarters that distributes our beer and wine to a network of proprietary taprooms. 

Our hub on Treasure Island is ready to support additional spokes without additional fixed personnel or location costs. In fact, the addition of San Anselmo and the Cole Valley taprooms will add significant incremental revenue and free cash flow by enabling our Treasure Island brewery to double its production volume.

A Family of Taprooms

Our beers and wines reflect their home, and so do our bars. We now have 5 locations around the Bay, each a unique reflection of its neighborhood. 

All of our locations, we adhere to our tradition of high quality beer, wine, service and, of course, food. We partner with the finest local makers to curate the perfect complements to our beers, wines, and experiences at our taprooms. 

On your way to Dolores Park, you can grab a six-pack of beer along with delicious, freshly baked empanadas from El Porteno. When you’re out with friends in the Lower Haight, you can pair our carbonic red wine with Joyride's authentic Detroit-style pizza. 

Our innovative food partnership model is designed to shine in any locale, ensuring that your culinary experience matches the quality of our libations. 

Collectively, they bring in over $2.8M in T12 sales and 34% Retail EBITDA margin, with 22% SSS YoY growth. We’ve figured out what works in each unique neighborhood we enter, making future expansions easy iterations of the same proven process.

Next Stop: San Anselmo — And Lovely’s Is Joining the Party

Woods Beer & Wine is coming to San Anselmo in Marin County! We’ll be breaking ground on a new brewpub restaurant and distillery at 647 San Anselmo Avenue at the end of 2023.  This will be our sixth taproom, and our largest at 3,800 square feet.

In keeping with our tradition of neighborhood-focused design and service, we noticed a lack of good-old burgers and fries among the many great eateries already on San Anselmo Ave. Of course we had to fix that — so we invited one of our local favorites, Lovely’s, to run our kitchen. Lovely’s consistently draws hours-long lines at its Oakland location, and the hype for a San Anselmo spot is already building, with a report on the partnership in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Construction and permitting in the space — a former Salvation Army — are ongoing, but we’re in the process of replacing walls with large roll-up doors, to create an airy, open patio. We’re on track for a Q1 2024 opening and can’t wait to raise a glass with our new neighbors.

Just Announced: We're coming to Cole Valley!

Woods Beer & Wine Co. is thrilled to announce the opening of our 7th establishment in San Francisco's charming Cole Valley neighborhood located at 848 Cole St. Nestled in the heart of the city, Cole Valley boasts a lively main thoroughfare adorned with iconic legacy businesses. Its laid-back yet quirky atmosphere instantly captured our hearts!

Following our partnership in San Anselmo, we are excited to partner once again with Oakland's beloved Lovely's to run the kitchen in Cole Valley.

With our new project in San Anselmo set to open Q1 2024, our Cole Valley taproom enables us to achieve economies of scale for our existing production headquarters on Treasure Island. The resulting EBITDA margins will allow us to provide healthy distributions to all Woods shareholders.

The addition of Woods San Anselmo and Woods Cole Valley solidifies our position as San Francisco's premier brewery, marking our 6th and 7th locations alongside Woods Cerveceria near Dolores Park, Woods Polk Station in Polk Gulch, Woods Outbound in the Outer Sunset, Woods Lowside in Lower Haight, and Woods Island Club on Treasure Island.

More Than Beer & Wine (But Also Still Beer & Wine)

While Woods is more than beer and wine, beer and wine are what bring us together at the bar, the brewery, and the winery.

Since 2006, we’ve been making adventurous beers for curious drinkers. There’s truly a Woods beer for every palette from light lagers to sours and IPAs. We continue to explore and experiment, constantly creating new kinds of flavors and new kinds of brews, like our famous Girl Scout Cookie-inspired beers (released every March).

Continuing on tradition of creativity, we began making natural wine in 2018 with organic and biodynamic grapes with native yeast, minimal intervention, and no fining or filtration. We expect significant growth of Woods wine as we continue to see increasing demand in our taprooms and we received approval for Whole Foods - Northern California in June 2023.

We are proud of our creations and we delight in every adventurous sip. Our beer and wine reflect our company values: curiosity, adventure, and experimentation in the pursuit of a good time.

Keep Distribution Simple

Currently, Woods Beer & Wine uses a self-distribution model, leveraging our own taprooms as high-margin, consistent points of sale. 

Our hub on Treasure Island is ready to operate on all 8 cylinders and we plan to continue our empire expansion indefinitely. Our high-level goal is to be THE beer of the SF Bay Area. Our retail approach is similar to McMenamin’s in the Pacific Northwest with 60+ brewpubs.

Who’s at the Helm?

Jim Woods is the founder and CEO of Woods Beer & Wine Co. Jim's brewing career started early, when he opened a clandestine homebrewing operation in his parent’s garage. For Jim, a taste of that first batch of beer was revelatory. With one sip, a passion blossomed, and years later after 5 years in commercial real estate investment banking, so did a business. Jim went pro in 2006, releasing MateVeza, the first yerba mate beer.

With over 15 years of experience working with distributors and retailers and serving as chair of the California Craft Brewers Association, Jim is uniquely qualified to build a beer brand in California.

Key Investor, Mark Carpenter, Former Brewmaster of Anchor

Woods received a convertible debt investment of $100,000 from Mark Carpenter in February of 2024. With a distinguished career at Anchor spanning over four decades, which concluded upon his retirement in 2017, Mark was instrumental in the company's phenomenal growth and the broader expansion of the craft beer industry.

Mark understands our vision of making Woods an iconic San Francisco brand through building our network of brewpubs in the Bay Area. Having had such an integral role in building the Anchor brand, we are honored and humbled to receive his vote of confidence.

Consumer Product Advisor, PJ Nora

PJ Nora is a key investor and advisor to Woods Beer & Wine Co. He co-founded KCA, a private equity firm, in 1993 with Sedge Dienst. Mr. Nora currently sits on the board of Equator Coffees and Teas, LLC, Memorang, Inc., Estate Cheese Group, LLC (Sonoma Creamery) and Silicon Valley Colocation, LLC. He is also a managing member of an affiliate of KCA Partners which makes non-control investments in a variety of companies.

Mr. Nora's deep expertise in consumer products makes him an invaluable source of guidance for the development of our beer and wine brands.

Keeping It Local

Locally made and locally enjoyed, our beer, wine, and taprooms are created in and for the Bay. Let’s keep it that way.

We’re expecting considerable growth over the next 5 years as we expand our reach, and plan to increase our operational budget to rise to our potential.

This $2M of operating capital will go to new taprooms and new staff, as well as an expanded marketing campaign. 

We are offering a convertible note at 8% interest with an opportunity to convert into equity at a 20% discount. We raised investment under the same terms, and the majority of investors successfully converted into our $1M Series A fundraising round that closed in 2015. We also closed a $1M Series A-2 in 2018 and hope to convert this convertible round prior to the note expiration in January 2028.

We hope you join us as we forge new adventures through the foamy seas, with the Bay Area as our beloved home port. Cheers to the future and to the Bay!