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Published on Jun 20, 2022

This week, thousands of people are congregating in NYC for the 4th annual NFT industry event.

NFTs stand for non-fungible tokens, and can be anything digital - such as images, drawings, or even music. They're built on the blockchain, and form just one part of the broader Web3 universe.

What else is included in Web3? Decentralized finance (DeFi), Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), Blockchain-based games, the Metaverse, and much more.

The startup world is exploding with Web3 technology, and in the spirt of Web3 - which prioritizes community-ownership and democratization of capital, just like us! - we want to highlight some companies raising on Wefunder, right now.

Without further ado...


Due to the cost of machinery and expertise needed for set up, Bitcoin mining is out of reach for many.

BitVault bridges that gap by allowing investors to pool their money with others to buy miners, which then earn Bitcoin. These miners run on wind power, leading to power rates 65% cheaper than the national average.

Learn more here.


Crypto trading is on the rise, but trading cryptos on any central exchange has security problems and expensive listing fees.

Swopblock is offering a solution to this by creating an autonomous decentralized network that cuts out the middleman and listing fees so trades can happen in real time and with proven securities.

Learn more here.

Bee Mortgage App

Bee is helping home buyers get a mortgage 3x faster than other competitors while utilizing blockchain technology to create a completely automated process.

Their tech aims to help consumers receive mortgages faster and with fewer fees. Bee has raised over $2M in funding to-date and is led by a team with experience in the mortgage industry and Blockchain.

Learn more here.

ABC FinTech

Traditional commercial real estate investing is notoriously illiquid, plagued with inefficiencies, and only available to those with connections.

ABC FinTech solves all these problems through digitalized securities backed by tangible assets, creating real value for retail real estate investors and crypto holders alike.

Learn more here.

Acquire Invest

Global private markets account for more than $80 Trillion, but most unaccredited investors either don't learn about these opportunities or are barred from participating.

Enter Acquire. They take unique, high value investments and tokenize them into "smart shares," which are then offered to retail investors at all income levels.

Learn more here.

Opulous KYLE

Music creator KYLE (artist behind the Billboard Hot 100 song "iSpy") is offering up shares in his music royalties, through MFTs (music fungible tokens).

The token represents fractionalized shares of future royalties earned from an underlying copyright. This means that whenever one of KYLE'S tracks is played on platforms like Spotify or Apple Music, investors get paid.

Learn more here.

*Disclaimers: Company information is based on each company’s campaign page and has not necessarily been verified. Wefunder does not endorse any company, and nothing in this email constitutes investment advice or an investment recommendation.

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