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Last Funded January 2023


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💸 Backed by $650k of pre-seed capital and Honeycomb VC
💡 Company recently named Top 7 Blockchain company in Tennessee
⇨ Founder featured in media and podcasts as leader in security token space
💳 Invest $500+ to receive an NFT access card granting in-app perks and benefits!

Our Team

Retail investors are currently locked out of an estimated $80 trillion market of alternative assets and private placements. Acquire allows investors to invest in these assets.


The world of finance is experiencing the largest migration in history. The migration to Web3 technology. It's happening now, and it's occurring at the institutional level, across every type of investment product.

This change affects everybody, everywhere. 

ACQUIRE is uniquely poised to both upgrade the existing financial products to this new world, and grant everybody access to them!

What ACQUIRE offers our users

International stock markets account for ~$44 Trillion of opportunity however this is just the tip of the iceberg. Global private markets account for more than $80 Trillion, but unless you're an accredited investor, you're barred from participating.

This $80T market is what ACQUIRE is disrupting.

While we're all free to invest in listed stocks and shares through apps like Robin Hood, THE AVERAGE INVESTOR IS LOCKED OUT of investments that make up ~50% of the portfolios of the world's wealthiest. Be that hedge funds, real estate or private equity.

The average investor is locked out of investments that make up an average of 50% of the portfolios of the world's wealthiest.

"If only I'd invested in Uber/Airbnb/Facebook before they blew up.."

Sound familiar? 

Well, you wouldn't have been allowed unless you were an accredited investor, i.e. had a $250k salary or were already a millionaire. Accredited investors represent less than 13% of the US population.

The ACQUIRE app changes this.

Here is the Acquire App's total addressable market, compared to similar investment apps offering users various types of investments.

The data speaks for itself. Masterworks opened a new trading platform for illiquid collectible assets, their total market size of $350B, combined with a total user count of just under 200k, resulted in a $1B valuation, according to Crunchbase. Acquire solves this same problem for illiquid private placement assets, with a total market size 12x of the collectible market, sitting at $80T

What we do

Unique, high value investments across private placement asset classes are securitized, tokenized into smart-shares, prepared for an automated lifecycle with built-in regulation & compliance, then offered up as equity, debt, or cash flow deals to users of all income levels!

Enter, the ACQUIRE Smart-Share!

Smart-Shares are the next evolution of fractional ownership in any investment or investment contract. 

The Smart-Shares are built with blockchain technology and they carry information in the form of layers. These layers automate the tasks associated with investing including, instant settlement, identity and verification, jurisdictional compliance & regulation, and the investment contract terms.

The Smart-Share is simply a highly advanced version of the traditional "share". It is the user friendly version of a token, commonly referred to within decentralized finance and blockchain spaces.

ACQUIRE's Smart-Share is the building block.

Who benefits from ACQUIRE?

Retail and accredited investors alike.

Issuers gain exposure, efficiencies and scale.

Retail investors’ share of total equities trading volume is now approaching 25%, up from 20% in 2020 and 10-15% the preceding decade. And they are not all chasing meme stocks.
A new generation of younger retail investors are purchasing equities with the intention of becoming long-term market participants.


ACQUIRE's revenue model

The ACQUIRE app is monetized in a few ways:

Trade fees

Capital raise fees

Returns distribution service charges

'Mirror investing' subscriptions

ACQUIRE's founder, Brian Harstine, is an early pioneer in security tokens and has been featured on leading podcasts in the blockchain space.

Investors in ACQUIRE's WeFunder raise will be eligible to claim their NFT Access Card. The world's first trade-fee reducing NFT!

This digital asset will live inside the app and unlock a host of benefits to the holder including up to a massive 25% discount on trade fees!

This discount on trade fees means power users will be able to effectively recoup their initial investment in the savings they make on future trades.

As this is an NFT it will be open to secondary market trading. Meaning our investors can sell on their Access Card to another user. The value of the cards will be dependent on how much a user is looking to invest through the ACQUIRE app!

NFT investment Tiers

The Acquire team is made up of leaders in the investment and blockchain space and an advisory board with specific industry knowledge to bring key assets to our platform.

Use of Funds

Acquire Invest is raising a crowdfund equity round to give its users a chance to invest in its platform and technology! The raise will help fund the next 18 months as we roll out our beta, grow our technology team and compliance, and launch full marketing and sales campaigns.