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Commercial Real Estate Investing for the Digital World

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ABC FinTech Created a Marketplace for Commercial Property Owners & Investors 🏢
Newly Designed Web Platform Streamlines the Entire Process with ABC Tokens: 🔥
Goal for 2022: Close $50,000,000 of Commercial Real Estate 🤑
Revenue is generated from management service fees based on real estate portfolio value 💰
Providing real estate investors liquidity through secondary market trading of ABC Tokens 📈
Stellar Real Estate Team with Combined 300+ Years Experience 👔
Think of ABC as the “Gold Standard” in Asset-Backed Crypto 🏆

Our Team

My goal has always been to democratize commercial real estate investing and empower financial wellbeing for everyone. ABC is changing the game, giving investors access to quality commercial real estate investments, plus the liquidity to exit anytime!

Commercial Real Estate...Disrupted

Tired of Bitcoin’s high volatility? 

Concerned about rising inflation? 

Looking for alternative assets to diversify your portfolio? 

Want to invest in commercial real estate but don't have the connections or capital?

We Created ABC Tokens to Solve These Problems

ABC stands for "Asset-Backed Crypto".

ABC Tokens are digital securities, regulated by the U.S. SEC and backed by physical commercial real estate assets, reducing risk and volatility typical of most cryptocurrencies.

Utilizing an institutional grade blockchain protocol, our disruptive business model delivers an asset-backed security token which represents a fractional interest in our selective commercial real estate investment portfolio.

ABC FinTech is the operating company, handling all the operations and execution of the ABC Platform as well as building out the legal framework, technology stack and marketing and fundraising campaigns.

ABC FinTech generates revenue by receiving a management services fee for the ongoing operation of the ABC Platform, as well as an additional fee for the primary sale of ABC Tokens.

Commercial Real Estate Investing? Easy as... A B C!

Our mission is to democratize commercial real estate investing, making it simple and accessible for all investors.

We developed and deployed a commercial real estate investment platform, lowering the barriers to entry, while providing retail and institutional investors unprecedented liquidity and a seamless experience.

We've merged the desired characteristics of commercial real estate investment – i.e., wealth generation, inflation protection, tax benefits, the ability to leverage your investment, with the benefits of blockchain security tokens – i.e., security, transparency, cost efficiencies, worldwide distribution, liquidity (person-to-person & business-to-business trading, secondary exchanges) and immediate transfers of ownership. 

Why ABC?


It’s widely known that 90% of millionaires in the world have made their money investing in real estate. However, investing in commercial real estate has historically been exclusive and reserved for those with substantial net worth and connections. 

By adopting blockchain technology, ABC made quality commercial real estate investments accessible for investors at all levels. Our goal is to become the preferred investment platform for retail investors who seek access to a broader suite of commercial real estate investment opportunities that are typically only available to high-net-worth individuals, private equity or institutional investors.


Commercial real estate has been notoriously illiquid. ABC Tokens will be listed on multiple secondary exchanges, providing ABC Tokens investors with a quick and easy way to divest at market value.

Economic Hedge

With significant concern over surging inflation, currently at a 40-year record high, people are looking for a solution. Real estate and cryptocurrency are usually the best hedges against inflation. ABC has married commercial real estate with cryptocurrency, helping retail and institutional investors combat inflation.

Crypto Safe Haven

Cryptocurrency investors often experience gut-wrenching volatility, watching wild swings in value these past few months. The fundamental problem- most cryptocurrencies are not backed by any hard assets, making them skeptical investments and speculative assets.

With ABC Tokens, cryptocurrency investors can invest with confidence, knowing the floor value of ABC Tokens should NEVER be less than the equity in the real estate portfolio divided by the number of ABC Tokens in circulation. Finally a cryptocurrency backed by tangible assets, creating real value for cryptocurrency holders!

ABC Token Value = ( Net Asset Value of Real Estate + Cash ) divided by Number of ABC Tokens in Circulation

You might wonder- fractional real estate ownership through tokenization is not new. What's the unique differentiation?

Most fractional ownership solutions are tokenizing single assets, creating challenges in liquidity and financing. To exit, investors must find a buyer who wants that particular asset. ABC Tokens represent fractional ownership in the entire portfolio, rather than individual assets, maximizing liquidity for ABC token-holders. Once ABC Tokens are listed on exchanges, there will be 10,000+ token-holders and millions of ABC Tokens in circulation.

Key benefit?

Better Trading Volume and Price Discovery = Unprecedented Liquidity!

Liquidity is paramount to our value proposition and a significant differentiator.

Golden Opportunity to Disrupt the Market and Bring Value to Key Segments

Asset tokenization is an area of explosive growth for the blockchain industry. According to a recent study “. . . even if just 0.5% of the total global property market were to be tokenized in the next five years, it would be on track to become a $1.4 trillion market. In other words, even if only a small portion of traditional real estate were to be digitalized, investors would still tap into a significant investment pool."

Our opportunity is timely due to the increasing adoption of blockchain. In addition, the current challenges faced in commercial real estate markets due to the pandemic will provide an opportunity for ABC to capitalize on a downturn, acquiring properties at a discounted price.

We believe our investment platform is uniquely positioned to attract several segments of the market:

1. For millions of individuals with a desire to invest in commercial real estate but lack access to quality deals or financial resources. The average investor needs diversification and seeks liquidity in an asset class that has historically been illiquid.

2. For crypto enthusiasts, ABC provides stability by offering a security token that is truly backed by hard assets (our commercial real estate portfolio).

3. For institutional investors, we believe our points of differentiation will bring significant investment, as some institutions diversify their portfolios into crypto. ABC provides institutional investors with a stable alternative to Bitcoin and Ether, making ABC Tokens more attractive to their investment committees.

4. For existing commercial real estate owners, ABC provides an element of liquidity. Owners can maintain control of their properties while also enjoying the added benefit of liquidity and diversification.

Building a Well-balanced Commercial Real Estate Portfolio to Reduce Risk and Maximize Returns

We firmly believe diversification reduces risk.

The value of ABC Tokens is underpinned by the Net Asset Value of the real estate portfolio. Our portfolio is diversified across major asset classes (e.g. multi-family, industrial, office, retail and hospitality) and alternative sectors (e.g. data centers), giving our token-holders diversification and thereby helping to manage risk. Our extensive network of commercial real estate advisors, specializing in deal sourcing and underwriting, helps ABC achieve targeted returns for investors.

Forward-looking projections are not guaranteed.

Forward-looking projections are not guaranteed.

Effective Marketing Strategies to Reach Investors Globally

Our Chief Marketing Officer has strong domain expertise in digital marketing, branding, social media and podcasts. Our investor base has grown significantly since launching several international marketing campaigns late last year.

Strong Social Media Presence

We’ve built out our social media channels. Several graphic designers, copywriters and video producers are working on different forms of content (e.g. videos, podcasts, and webinars) to build hype and credibility on social networks.

Aggressive Digital Marketing & PR Push

Recently our launch was published across hundreds of news outlets globally. We have made tremendous progress on SEO and are buying paid ads on Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Superior Marketing Analytics Capabilities

With strong expertise in CRM & Analytics, we have adopted tools to optimize the ROI of our marketing spend. We're also analyzing our sales funnel, driving traffic to our website and converting visitors to ABC Token investors.

We Have Built a Clear Roadmap for Growth and Success

We've spent the last couple of years researching securities law, developing technology, and assembling a team of leading commercial real estate experts. The core technologies have been implemented and the ABC Platform went LIVE in Q3 2021. Check it out:

In Q4 2021, ABC sold security tokens to friends and family, closing on $3,000,000 of commercial real estate to validate the concept.

Now, with over $50,000,000 in the real estate pipeline, ABC is rapidly scaling to meet investor demand.

The goals we aim to accomplish in the next few years:

  • 2022: 5M+ ABC Tokens in circulation and $150M deployed into U.S. commercial real estate, offering ABC tokens to all investor types, from retail to institutional.
  • 2023: ABC Tokens are listed on secondary market exchanges with 10M+ tokens minted, sold and issued.
  • 2024: ABC's commercial real estate portfolio surpasses a $1B valuation
  • 2025: ABC Tokens are officially labeled as the “Gold Standard” in Asset-Backed Crypto

We are confident in our ability to create value while scaling. We anticipate it will take ABC approximately 10 years to deploy 100M ABC Tokens which should result in a commercial real estate portfolio in excess of $15B.

Forward-looking projections are not guaranteed.