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Last Funded February 2024


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Fastest growing yogurt brand in terms of unit and dollar percentage YoY in the natural channel
Our yogurt is sold in 2000 stores across almost all 50 states! *launched only 1.5 yrs ago!*
We’re on track to hit a projected $3.5 million in revenue in 2023 (first full yr in biz)
More than DOUBLED our sales orders in the last two months (averaging 9% month-over-month growth)

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Join our mission to connect people with the source of their food!

As 4th generation organic farmers, our goal is to connect consumers to the source of their food while sustaining the land for future generations to come. How are we doing this? Through our organic Icelandic-style skyr yogurt! We believe that each cup of yogurt in the hands of the consumers opens a conversation about the importance of dairy, nutrition, and sustainable agriculture.

What does the future of Painterland Sisters look like?

Our vision for Painterland Sisters is to become a large player in the yogurt industry, as well as to expand into other dairy product lines. As we focus on sustainable and impactful decision-making, we are continuing to build a strong internal team and investor network for the future that believes in:

1. Profitability

2. Growth

3. Being a leader in premium dairy products while creating a positive impact

Why are we opening up this investment opportunity?

The answer is short and sweet: to accelerate our growth as a company, and to share the upside of our success with our supporters by giving them the opportunity to invest and reap the benefits with us!

What will my investment be used for?

Your investment will be allocated towards increasing growth and efficiency, ultimately driving us towards profitability (projected in 2025). We are planning to use our funding to support: working capital (sales expenses + production), labor, marketing, and more. *See the “Details” tab for info.

Why should you invest?

As a shareholder in Painterland Sisters, your future share is anticipated to:

1. Continued growth in value!  In 7 years, we see the opportunity to 10x the business.

2. Reap distributions of profits (dividends) annually, which is projected to begin in 2025.

In just 7 years, we are forecasted to make $41M in revenue and $11M in profits, and are anticipating a steady growth of profits and top-line sales. In simple terms; as our company grows, so will the profits, distributions and your individual shares!

Keep reading to learn more about our story, products, explosive growth and investment opportunity!

We are Stephanie and Hayley Painter, two sisters who have dreamed of bringing light to our family's 4th generation organic regenerative dairy farm in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania.

We sought out to sustain our family’s farm and expand our reach by bringing nutritious dairy products to the world. After 4 years of crafting, working with many advisors, and learning from experts in the industry, we decided on the Icelandic-style yogurt because it was proven to be a niche in the market. We partnered with a 10th-generation Icelandic yogurt maker to craft a nutrient-dense Icelandic-style skyr yogurt using milk from our family's farm and farms in the area.

We are now the fastest-growing yogurt brand in terms of unit and dollar percentage YoY in the natural channel (Spins wk 9/10/23).

Farm and ranch families comprise less than 2% of the U.S. population (Source:, and that number is shrinking. This decline has raised concerns in the food industry, where relatively few brands today are farmer-owned. These concerns revolve around land and animal welfare, nutrient depletion, and a growing sense of distrust due to greenwashing practices. As both farmers and food brand owners, our top priority is the well-being of the land and animals, which has led us in our mission to:

1. Transparency: Connect consumers to the farmer

2. Sustainability: Protect the land, animals and farming

3. REAL food: Offer products that are as nutrient-dense as possible

Painterland Farms uses regenerative organic practices meaning we work sustainably and symbiotically with the land, animals and farms. From all-natural fertilizers for the soil to cows that graze freely on open rotational pastures, we carefully think through every action and its impact on food, the environment, the animals, and the community.

Did you know? Global adoption of regenerative practices across both grasslands and arable acreage could sequester more than 100% of current anthropogenic emissions of CO2 (Source: Rodale Institute). In simple terms, regenerative practices use less energy, reduce carbon emissions, and contribute to a healthier Earth.

There is no other yogurt like ours on the market! Our Icelandic-style yogurt (aka skyr) is extra creamy and defiantly dreamy. We use double-cream milk to create a yogurt that is naturally high in protein, while also being velvety smooth. Plus, it's lactose-free!

Our yogurt is one of the most nutrient-dense yogurts on the market. We're providing REAL food directly from a farmer. Our yogurt stands out from the competition - it’s packed with protein, billions of probiotics, micro-nutrients, and 6% milk fat. Icelandic-style yogurt is quickly growing due to its irresistible texture, higher nutritional value, and lower sugar content.

We offer 6 flavors of our skyr: Savannah’s Peach, Meadow Berry, Strawberry, Blueberry Lemon, Vanilla and Plain.

In our first 12 months of business, we hit $1.3 million in sales. In 2023, we're on track to hit $3.5 million.

In just 1.5 years of operation, we have quickly emerged as a prominent player in the dairy yogurt industry, securing an impressive ranking of #19 out of 128 dairy yogurt brands specifically within the natural channel*.

With the support of our internal sales team and national sales broker team, we've been able to quickly expand into small and large natural and conventional grocery chains across the US! In fact, today, we’re in almost 2,000 retail stores nationwide!

Our products have been particularly successful within the natural foods channel.

We are thrilled to report that our velocity at Whole Foods in the Mid-Atlantic region has increased from 6.5 to 11 per unit/store/sku/week since February, indicating strong customer satisfaction and repeat purchases.

We are dedicated to sustaining this forward momentum and expanding our product reach to a broader customer base by means of strategic collaborations and distribution initiatives.

The yogurt industry is fiercely competitive as many brands recognize its potential for rapid growth. With consumer’s daily consumption of yogurt, stores experience quick product turnover on their shelves, intensifying the market competition. It is difficult to get started but once you have growth, it continues!

Why is there so much opportunity for growth?

  • Stability: Dairy is a global staple with daily consumption - people eat yogurt every day!
  • High Velocity: Due to its short shelf life, yogurt has a high product turnover.
  • Highly Competitive Shelf Space - Securing shelf space for yogurt is challenging, but once on shelves, the rapid growth for brand recognition it achieves can lead to the success of other higher-margin dairy products. Good news - we’re already on thousands of store shelves!

Companies such as Chobani and Siggi’s have successfully capitalized on the opportunity for growth within the yogurt sector, paving the way for brands like us to do the same.

Chobani is by far one of the most successful yogurt companies. Starting in 2005, Chobani has paved the way for greek yogurt and now owns 43% of the greek yogurt market share and 20.2% of the yogurt category (2021 Chobani S-1 Filing). Siggi’s is the major player in the Icelandic Skyr space. Starting in 2004, they grew their revenue to $200 million by 2018. For both companies, this type of growth shows the huge potential and consumer demand for protein-filled, thicker and creamier yogurt.

With such fierce competition, what sets us apart from the rest? Finding our niche!

As an Icelandic-style skyr yogurt, our focus is on a distinct segment within the yogurt industry. We are one of the two certified organic skyr yogurts on the market.

The US yogurt industry is valued at $5.9 billion, with organic yogurt sales contributing $217 million to this figure, and skyr yogurt $177 million.

Our initial goal is to reach $41 million in sales in the organic yogurt category. With increased brand recognition we aim to expand and thrive in the premium organic dairy industry, beyond just yogurt.

With the sustainable dairy sector continuing to thrive, consumers are in search of yogurt that is both clean and nutrient-rich, while also offering positive benefits to the environment and animals.

Because of our ability to fulfill that need for consumers, we are planning for over a 10x revenue growth of our company in 7 years!

Our vision is to nurture this business to make a lasting impact in the yogurt sector and beyond for generations to come! We firmly believe that sharing profits with shareholders is the most effective means to realize this vision. We project profitability by 2025 and aim to provide returns to investors within the next 5 years!

Investing in the early stages means you will benefit from being locked in at the best valuation ($15 million). As our brand expands, both profits and distribution channels will increase, offering investors a promising long-term opportunity with our rapidly growing company.

Who's our target market? It depends on what they are looking for! Our yogurt consumers are everyone from children, to the working mom, to the health-conscious gym-goer, to the elderly population.

Our audience is eco-conscious, buys organic and earns a higher income. Millennials rank ‘organic’ as one of their top considerations when buying food behind natural and low or no sugar (Source: McKinsey). In addition, 25% of millennials are willing to pay more for sustainable goods (Source: Nielsen).

As millennial women, we are able to provide a different perspective of what it means to be an American farmer. We use our social media platforms as a space to connect with our community, educate about agriculture, and share behind the scenes of our business. In keeping our channels inviting and fun, we’ve seen our audience increase by 125% YTD. While people may follow us for our yogurt, they stick around for our transparent and fun content!

Additionally, our grassroots brand ambassador program, consisting of our dedicated and passionate fans, serves as an invaluable resource for spreading brand awareness by actively engaging potential customers with their enthusiasm and personal experiences, ultimately allowing us to authentically connect and extend our reach.

Sources: *Spins data - Oct 2023, Sustainability Growth in Yogurt Channel: SPINS Natural Channel, MULO (powered by IRI), 52 Weeks Ending 3.26.23,

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