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Kids' Uber: first to launch across US & Internationally, to improve family life!

Last Funded August 2022


raised from 219 investors


🇺🇸Operating in 5 states currently; expected to launch in 12 states by 2023
🤝🏻 Partnership with Tusk Holdings' Pericles Program (helped early stage Uber & Lemonade)
🥳Already witnessing viral and word-of-mouth growth with $0 spent on ads
đź“Š Unicorn Potential with projected 5-year annual revenue $1 billion (not guaranteed)
🥳 Astonishing 96% repeat clients rate
đź’°Raised $1.25M in seed funding; Invested $1M in building the app, team, integrating safety-enhancing tech and procedure
🚀Total Addressable Market (TAM) of $173B and 53M children in the US alone
🔥High Potential to Gain Market Loyalty due to little B2C competition to meet families’ full children’s mobility needs

Our Team

In 2018, after three years at home with my young children, I received an opportunity to return to a career I loved, producing reality/doc TV. But after an extensive search, I couldn't find someone to drive them to school and activities each day. Devastated, I was forced to turn down the job. I sought to understand this problem and how to solve it.

Kidcaboo is a famtech company that offers mobility solutions for children between the ages of 5 and 17 through a high-tech and safe riding environment.

As parents, we spend up to 49 hours/month driving our children around on a workday. The outcome is easy to guess—severe burnout and continuous workplace issues.

Worse still, the complex demands of modern-day child-bearing eventually result in career breaks, usually (read always) for us, the moms.

Thankfully, there's Kidcaboo! 

We are bringing Safety, Flexibility, and Freedom to today’s busy parents, specifically working mothers, who should NEVER have to downplay their ambitions.

With a lack of choice, many parents today depend on Uber or Lyft to transport their children from schools and extracurricular activities. But traditional ride-sharing companies not only have policies against minors travelling alone, but it’s Just Not Safe. Not all families can afford nannies, and school-provided transportation options lack flexibility.

Kidcaboo was designed with the comfort and safety of kids in mind, and it’s the most Reliable and Affordable solution that parents have been waiting for. How confident are we about that?

Launched in 2019 with national expansion beginning in February 2022 in TX, the waitlist for our ride in upcoming launch states now ranges from a few 100 to over a 1000! The best part is we have been receiving this overwhelming response through word-of-mouth recommendation, without spending anything on marketing.

In 2019, Rebecca Lock was set to start her new job as a reality and documentary TV producer after a three-year break. Like many mothers, Rebecca had temporarily paused her fifteen-year-long and successful career in documentary and reality TV production to raise her two young children. With her children in school, the timing to go back to a career she loved couldn’t have been more perfect. But what sounds like a story with a happy ending backfired miserably!

Rebecca had to turn down the offer because she couldn’t find someone to drive her children to and from school and their other after-school activities. Determined to ensure no other moms go through what she did, Rebecca took matters into her own hands.

After initial research within her community and then nationwide, Rebecca realized the pressure on working parents to drive children around was deep-rooted and without any solution. In every case, either a parent had to miss out on their career, or a child had to drop an after-school activity.

To understand the needs and gaps in mobility solutions for children, Rebecca jumped in at the deep end. She drove young children from 6 AM until late at night, often with her kids in tow. She also interacted with families and got a better picture of what parents expect from kids’ car services. Most importantly, she realized a vast and untapped opportunity was staring right back at her.

In a few months, Rebecca had completed 800 rides, driven 10,000+miles, and worked with 80+ families! With a strong grasp of the problem, it was now time for a SOLUTION.

Kidcaboo prioritizes children’s safety and peace of mind of parents over everything through advanced mobility tech. It relies on two self-developed apps, AI-driven, real-time dash cams, driver monitoring and GPS tracking, and accident prediction tools. Our team of safety monitors literally watches every ride via in-car dashcams in real time to ensure rides are happening on time and safely. We are fully insured with innumerable relevant policies and licensed and compliant as a TNC in operational states.

Launches and expansions in metropolitan areas in states across the country are planned in the coming months and years. Designed by a mom for all the moms out there, Kidcaboos are driven by heavily vetted and experienced Driving Nannies, making it unique and an instant hit!

Our indirect competitors include traditional rideshares designed for adults, school transportation companies, and B2B children rideshare options.

We are one of the few B2C children’s transportation companies, a status that allows us access to licensing in states with vast, almost fully unmet markets. 

We are making the most of our first-to-market advantage by scaling rapidly, creating strong brand recognition, and building customer loyalty

43% of highly qualified women with children leave their careers or take a career break. As part of the 43%, Rebecca realized how difficult it is for women to get back into the workforce without a lack of support.

Moreover, of full-time working moms with young children, 70% also report handling the vast majority of childcare. Over time, this contributes significantly to gender inequality, pay gaps, missed promotions, and long-term financial impact. Exacerbated by COVID, the impact of the day-to-day childcare responsibilities that fall on, largely speaking, women, are now understood to have set working moms back decades.

The need for a niche and well-designed mobility solution for school-age kids that allows parents to be present at and focus on work, during work hours, was so massive that our adoption rates are astronomical!

We recently launched in TEXAS in February 2022 and saw astronomical growth!


Our Waitlist of Clients within Weeks is Staggering


We also project an exit in around 5 years (likely acquisition or IPO), after reaching unicorn status and >1B annual revenue prior to that time.

Unlike school-connected indirect competitors like HopSkipDrive and Zum, Kidcaboo scales rapidly within and across states and should be in about ten states within the year, exceeding numbers in our conservative model.


We have already raised ~1.25M thus far in seed funding. We have a powerful partnership with Tusk Holdings’ Pericles Group, an advisory group focused on helping startups break through roadblocks. Pericles Group is pivotal in our growth journey, having helped companies like Uber and Lemonade.


In 2003, The New York Times published an article on why working mothers are becoming part of what’s popularly known as the “opt-out revolution.” It’s not like mothers never intend to get back to work after childbirth. It’s just that there are too many barriers limiting her growth. What’s concerning is that not much has changed in 20 years…

It’s time for a revolution, and Kidcaboo is on a mission to change the playing field, starting with safe transportation for children so that mothers don’t have to choose between a career and family.