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Invest in Earth Rides

Like Uber but with a fleet of Teslas.

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+205% increase in revenue Q2 to date vs previous quarter.
Patagonia partnership offering on demand delivery and reducing packaging waste.
Female Owned / Eco-friendly / Diverse Company
Easily scalable
First mover advantage being all electric in the rideshare space.

Our Team

Clean the air, provide affordable access to clean technology for all.

Just like Uber but with Electric Vehicles.

Reasons to invest

    2021 Q1 saw a decrease in marketing costs reducing our CAC to $5.53 and an increased LTV to $57.82. Our current competitors (LY), average a CAC of $32 and an LTV of $19 after 8 years of operating. 

    Update6/17/21 - Our CAC continues to decrease as word of mouth continues to grow our user base.  Quarter to date we have had 2411 new customers take their first ride on Earth!

    Q2 we are focusing on rounding out Nashville with the addition of 10 more vehicles. We will need to hire an additional 25 drivers. We are already on pace to double our revenue this month.

    We expect to launch in Austin this summer. We hope to begin prepping the market  6 weeks before launch.

    Revenue Growth 2020-2021

    Update 6/17/21 

    Problem - Month over month revenue growth has decreased in the short term (April & May). We simply do not have enough vehicles to meet the demand. 

    Solution - We are actively working on opening up our platform to allow drivers that own electric vehicles to drive on the Earth Rides platform. This will allow us to scale faster, decrease wait times, and expand our service area. 

    Ride Bookings 2020-2021

    The Short Story of how Earth Rides was born...

    My mother and Abuela grew up in Panama. Experiencing and learning from their difficulties, drove me to law school. Immigrants are often sold the story that to be successful, becoming a doctor or lawyer is the only way. This what drove me to law school.

    While completing my JD from Pepperdine University Law, I experienced serious difficulties with my health. My view of a healthy lifestyle and what health means for me and the people around me drastically shifted. I realized I had to create a more significant impact.

    I wanted other people to recognize health is more than eating right and exercising. Not only that, but they could have the same luxuries without making tremendous sacrifices. It was then Earth Rides was born.

    Why start in Nashville?

    Nashville offered us an emerging market where we could start our grassroots business while making a considerable impact on the environment. Further, I wanted to make an impact on where I was from and improve the air quality. Nashville has air quality similar to Los Angeles on many days. But, Nashville only has 2 Million people compared to L.A.'s 13 Million.

    Earth's Mission

    Equal access for all to clean technology.

    Team Earth

    Why we have an edge over competitors:

    • Quality
    • Safety
    • Reliability
    • Electric Vehicles Only
    • No surge pricing
    • Female owned
    • Company Culture
    • Diversity

    Anticipated Use of Funds

    • Purchase additional vehicles for Nashville Market
    • Hire additional drivers and leadership roles
    • Expand into City #2 

    We are currently exploring expansion in Texas and Florida markets. We've chosen these markets due to the demographic of residents and tourists, current use of rideshare, and traffic congestion.

    Earth is partnering with OEMs and auto dealers to not only expand its fleet but also offer fairly priced rentals to drivers to further expand the adoption of electric vehicles. 



    Earth Rides has partnered with Patagonia Nashville to offer on-demand delivery of their products. This allows Patagonia to deliver within the hour and without any packaging all the while reducing their carbon footprint. 

    Lipscomb Ideal Program

    Earth Rides drivers are trained to serve the ID community

    Earth Rides now provides reliable rides to the Intellectually Disabled Community ("ID") and is currently a line item in the State Budget to be able to provide subsidized rides to this community. Drivers on Earth go through training modules to show extra steps have been taken to ensure the ID community is being served. 


    Our riders love that oftentimes they have the same driver. Each driver is also fingerprinted, FBI background checked and passes a series of interviews and ongoing training. 


    More app store reviews.


    We are uniquely positioned to sell our carbon offsets on the open market due to our ability to track each mile logged vs the amount of carbon a gas ride would have generated.