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Evidence-based online programs that improve physical + mental health worldwide

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120% growth in revenue from 2019 to 2020 - $900K+ revenue with $2M projected for 2021.
Research from Harvard, Tulane, & Cal State finds significant physical & mental health benefits.
A 'need to have' – credentialed by certification boards to meet professional licensure requirements.
Loyal customer base and community following across 6 continents growing by 5K+ members/month.

Our Team

Mental health is the next pandemic that will ripple out for years to come. Teaching adults and kids to take care of their health and wellness is as important as learning to read and write. Yoga Ed. is uniquely positioned to address this crisis now with trauma-informed yoga and mindfulness tools that have been studied and proven to work.

Yoga Ed. offers evidence-based training, classes, and resources proven to improve physical, mental, emotional, and social health.

21 years, 46 countries, 12,000+ schools, 79,000+ educators, 15M+ students to date.

Mental Health is the Next Pandemic.

A mental health crisis is emerging. Studies show 25% of isolated children and adults experience PTSD (Sprang & Silman, 2013) and 68% of parents and caregivers report an increase in stress (Minn & Hau, 2020). A steep increase in mental health-related ER visits among kids—a 24% increase in 5-11 year olds and 31% in 12-17 year olds—point to the growing trauma and challenges they’re facing during these formative years (CDC, 2020).

COVID-19 will pass with time, but the mental health effects for children, teens, and adults are likely to ripple out for years to come. The pandemic has only exposed and exacerbated existing mental health challenges that were on the rise. Grown-ups are now grappling with how to help the children and teens in their lives cope with the psychological effects of the pandemic including stress, anxiety, depression, and trauma.

Supporting the physical & mental health of communities worldwide since 1999.

For 20 years, Yoga Ed. has supported adults who work with youth – such as educators, healthcare professionals, and caregivers – with trauma-informed yoga and mindfulness resources to improve physical and mental health outcomes across all ages. 5 years ago, we brought all of our programs online. 

During the pandemic, educators and mental health professionals worldwide have turned to Yoga Ed. as a trusted place of community, resource, and support. 

Online programs that meet people where they're at.

Yoga Ed. understands that some people want to learn how to teach yoga themselves, and others are looking for an 'out of the box solution.' We address both these markets by offering a range of products broken into two categories.

Option #1: Do It Yourself
Online trainings that teach people how to teach yoga & mindfulness to children at their own pace from the comfort of home. Our online training courses give people the confidence and skill set to share the benefits of yoga with kids in their lives.

✓ 100% online, flexible training courses over 6-8 weeks
✓ Robust course material, including engaging video lectures, evidence-based curriculum, 24+ premade lesson plans that meet national PE & health standards
✓ Live weekly check-ins with experienced course instructors to dive into the weekly material and answer student questions
✓ Streamable on all devices: laptop, tablet, phone

Option #2: We Do It For You
On-demand access to fun, engaging classes that teach children (and adults!) the basics of yoga and mindfulness. Through our classes, kids do breathing exercises, yoga poses, games, visualizations, and relaxation activities. 

✓ 400+ classes available on-demand, new classes added regularly.
✓ Classes are 3 – 30 minutes long
✓ Suitable for all ages (ages 3 to 18+, parents and teachers)
✓ Meets national standards, includes lesson plans and assessments
✓ Streamable on all devices: laptop, tablet, phone

As an online educational company, Yoga Ed. is well-positioned to support our customers at scale and address challenges that youth are experiencing in a safe, appropriate, and effective way... and we've got the research to back us up. As a result, we're seeing our growth skyrocket.

120% Growth in Revenue. 170% Growth in Community.

Yoga Ed. surpassed 120% growth in revenue from 2019 to 2020 - closing out the year at $900K+, with $2M projected for 2021. 

[Disclaimer: Projections are not guaranteed].

Our community is growing by 5K+ members/month.

Backed by Science.

Science has been an integral part of Yoga Ed. programs since day one. We recognize that the only way to know if we are achieving our goals of sustainably improving the health and wellness of children, teens, and adults is to measure it. That's where the evidence comes in.

Studies conducted by Harvard, Tulane, and the California State University of Fullerton have found that Yoga Ed. programs can improve physical, mental, emotional, and social health for all ages.

Our programs have been shown to:

Harvard, Tulane, California State Fullerton Logos

Globally-Trusted Educational Company.

Yoga Ed. continues to be the leader in yoga for youth. We have evolved and adapted to meet the ever-changing landscape of education - from in-person trainings in the L.A. Unified School District to online trainings with participants from across the globe. We have learned what it takes to stay effective and relevant, and in the process, we’ve reached 6 continents, 46 countries, 12K+ schools, 79K+ educators, and 15M+ students.

We've Cracked the Online Learning Code.

Yoga Ed. combines the efficiency and accessibility of online learning with structured cohort interaction and real human connection. This blended learning approach allows for maximum engagement, accountability, learning, and ultimately outcomes. 

As a result, we have a 97-100% satisfaction rating from students and a completion rate 4X industry average. When people complete our trainings, they aren’t just getting a certificate - they’re actually prepared and able to confidently use the tools we teach.

But don't just take our word for it. Here's what our students are saying.

Not Just a ‘Nice to Have.’

Our programs meet national and international Physical Education and Health Standards and are CASEL-approved to meet Social Emotional Learning competencies. Trainings are credentialed by the NYC Department of Education, Loyola Marymount University, and the Yoga Alliance.

  • NYC Department of Education is the most rigorous school credentialing process in the nation. Based on our accreditation with the organization, Yoga Ed. is well-positioned for credentialing with other school districts across the nation.
  • Courses taken through our partnership with Loyola Marymount University provide graduate-level professional development credits, which may be used to satisfy professional advancement requirements such as salary movement and recertification credits for educators from 43 states. University students can take these courses and transfer the credit towards their degree.
  • Yoga Ed. is registered with the Yoga Alliance to provide online yoga training for children's yoga teachers. Recognized for quality programs by the Yoga Alliance, Yoga Ed. is actively participating in focus groups to support the establishment of training standards for online programs.

At the Intersection of Rapidly Growing Markets.

We sit at the crossroads of multiple high-growth markets: parenting ($1T/year), online ed ($171B/year, 10.85% CAGR), mental health ($146B, 3.4% CAGR), and yoga ($130B, 11.7% CAGR).

The Time Is Now.

We're kicking it into high gear to keep up with the demand for health. Now is the time to change the landscape of health and wellness for good.

By investing in Yoga Ed., you’ll help us to support the lifelong health of 111 million youth and towards our goal to increase revenue 10x by 2025, through a focus on:

  • Sales and marketing – our digital marketing processes and sales strategies have been proven to work and are ready for scale. Funds will be used to accelerate rapid revenue growth and ensure continuous improvement in these processes.
  • Product development – refresh existing courses and creating new courses to meet market demand with a focus on chair yoga, trauma-informed, and accessible content
  • Education and credentialing– building capacity for more courses and more cohorts as our number of students grows. Applying for credentialing through strategic certification boards. Hiring course instructors from diverse backgrounds and experience to provide accessible and relatable programming for global communities.
  • Building capacity – bringing Yoga Ed. programs to schools, healthcare settings, and youth-serving organizations worldwide

The Future of Yoga Ed. Belongs in the Hands of Our Community.

At Yoga Ed., our success is defined by our ability to affect sustainable change through accessible programming that effectively improves physical and mental health, and not measured by short-term gains.

We are looking for a group of diverse and socially conscious investors who are focused on improving the health and wellness of communities worldwide as a primary indicator of success, and understand that this will in turn increase shareholder and stakeholder value.

This movement is meant to be community-owned, community-funded.

This is why we are inviting you to invest in Yoga Ed.