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The Training App for Restaurants



of a $300,000 goal
 $3M  $2.4M valuation cap Convertible Note
Early Bird Bonus: The first $75K of investments will be in a convertible note with a $2.4M valuation cap and 20% discount
Tricia Fleming Schleicher
We have been using the Yelli app for a year and believe in its potential to change the way training is performed in restaurants. After 23 years in business, we have continued to try and develop better training and communication for our team members and since discovering Yelli believe that this is what we have been looking for. In working with Yelli, their responsiveness to issues and suggestions has been great and we are excited to see them grow to the next level.


Web and mobile platform used by restaurants for increased training efficiency and cost savings.
Currently in use by 50+ restaurants & over 800 team members in the US, Canada and Europe.
One of the top restaurant training apps on the Apple and Google stores with an excellent ranking.
Extensive market research and client case studies continue to influence product development.
Technical design for version 2.0 with expanded features based on client feedback completed.
Capital raise to complete version 2.0, onboard 50+ confirmed new clients and scale the company.

Our Team


Yelli began as an idea in early 2019. Our founder Danielle was working as a waitress in LA as she had done at various restaurants across the country since she was a teenager.

With a natural knack for organization, Danielle would often organize, create and lead the training efforts where she worked. Struggling with outdated traditional training methods she thought "there must be a better way".

When she couldn’t find one she decided to create Yelli.‍

The foundation of Yelli is: If restaurant workers are given efficient, easy training and continuous access to current information the job will become easier and the experience of working at the restaurant will improve. 

We are committed to a different approach that can help restaurant owners, managers, and staff members reach their goals together. 

The Problem is Real

Running a restaurant is more challenging than ever. Building and keeping a great team is one of the biggest struggles. Yesterdays methods don't work. Restaurants need a way to train and inform that works in today's world.

The Solution is Yelli

We know that quality training and good communication are the key. Yelli was built to give restaurant teams everything they need to do their jobs well.

The food service industry has been missing a tool that focuses on training and keeping teams in the know. The reaction to Yelli has confirmed the need for a tool like ours.

Yelli is filling the industry need for a tech based training tool in a way that offers significant value at a truly affordable price. We know any size venue can benefit from what Yelli has to offer. Our pricing opens up the market to include restaurants of any size.

The market for Yelli includes any and all restaurants, bars and similar companies. Yelli is available worldwide. Total market opportunity of $541 Million annually includes only officially English speaking countries. Translation features (expected in June of 2024) will expand TAM and TOM 3-5x over current numbers.

After extensive user feedback and customer research we have expanded the design of Yelli to be even more useful and offer more features (Yelli 2.0). The technical design for version 2.0 is already complete. Funds raised will primarily be used for product development costs of version 2.0 as well as marketing efforts to accompany version 2.0 launch.

Why Invest in Yelli

  • We are a bootstrapped, lean startup. Creation and launch through 50+ paying customers has been already achieved. Free of any outside investment.
  • Extensive user feedback and customer research on Yelli has been complete, with 50+ confirmed new clients ready to onboard.
  • Based on that research version 2.0 design has been completed. This version will be a significant improvement and will be highly marketable.
  • Significant market expansion is expected in 2024/25 with access for multiple language users.

If you'd like to meet our founding team, or have questions before making an investment, please schedule a meeting here. We'd love to meet you!