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Vyrill offers deep AI driven video insights through the most powerful in-video search on the market

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Vyrill, a Google for web/social/mobile video, empowers video commerce for brands
Our AI machines watch & listen to videos to analyze text, audio and images online
Tools to capture, view and license brand-safe, authentic user generated videos (UGV) fast & at scale
Brands can take immediate action on trending, new & authentic content from one dashboard

Our Team

Before Covid, user generated video (UGV) was growing at 200%. Today, since Covid, the creation of UGV and video consumption has exploded more than 600%. With 85% of Consumers saying videos influence their purchase decisions and offer a touch free product experience, user generated video has become essential to brand’s seeking to grow revenue.

Our Story

Vyrill was founded by Ajay Bam and Dr. Barbara Rosario, who understood after extensive conversations with brand marketers, that brands and retailers were struggling with capturing and understanding massive user generated video content posted in 48+ languages across the web, smartphones and 20+ social platforms.

Ajay and Dr. Rosario found that brand marketers were looking for ways to understand, who is posting video content, where and when, and what consumers are saying about their products within their videos, and how to leverage authentic video reviews, unboxing and how-to and more for product marketing.

Beyond this, marketers were also looking for ways to find competitor data and insights for user generated video content which led them to the question;

"Might there be a way to sort through all the video content to leverage product reviews for product marketing, or understand customer frustrations and be able to take specific actions?"

As smartphones and high speed telecom networks as 4G and 5G happened, customers have begun to launch their shopping experiences by viewing videos on Google, Bing, Amazon and Youtube. However, Google, Bing and search engines in general, do a very poor job at finding and indexing videos.

Another problem was how to search inside the video itself. As customers watch videos, they want to find what they are looking for instantly, even when the video is long. No one has time to watch a long video or multiple videos. Offering a tool for in-video search, where customers can find what they are looking for instantly was a top priority for Ajay & Barbara.

Vyrill is like a ‘google’ for commerce videos allowing brands to listen and watch inside the video to unlock its potential for revenue.

~ Ajay Bam, CEO & Co-Founder of Vyrill

With user generated video content creation and consumption growing exponentially at 200% a year and since Covid, online video (including streaming video) has spiked growing an estimated 600% and continues to rise. Because 85% of consumers have said that videos influence their purchase decisions and offer a touch free product experience, user generated video has become essential to brand’s seeking to grow revenue.

Ajay and Dr. Rosario initially set out to build a ‘video refinery’, similar to an oil refinery, that would process ‘crude video’ and extract data and insights that are not only usable but that save time, energy and money. They spent three years working on research and development to train machines to watch and understand millions of videos in nine dimensions. Something that has never been done before.

They succeeded and Vyrill is the result.  

Here are some key milestones over the past four years;

                       2016 :  • Journey began with analyzing videos to match videos to product,
                                     brands and competitors

  1.            2017 - 2018:  • Developed video transcript, sentiment, topics, and keywords. 
    1.                                    • Integrated with Youtube.
                                         • Launched alpha
  2.             2019-2020:  Analyzed videos for demographics, scenes, brand safety and tying all 
  3.                                   of this together with text and audio analysis 
                                      Launched beta insights 
    and reporting version 1.0.
  4.                                   Developed content marketing tools for brands to capture, 
  5.                                  license and display videos to increase engagement and conversion.
    1.                                  Launched the platform in production, reporting 2.0 
    2.                                  Integrated with Dropbox

  6.                   Today:  Vyrill is building out additional campaign management tools for 
    1.                                    brand marketers.

Vyrill is now a ‘google’ for videos to look inside the video. 

Vyrill data and insights support content marketing, at scale.  In short, Vyrill has the power to;

  1.              • Capture videos from social and smart phones
  2.              • Analyzes millions of videos at scale
  3.              • Get and contextualize tangible insights
  4.              • License the video content easily and quickly
  5.              • Use the video content to influence buying decisions

Before Vyrill Ajay has been studying in-store and online shopping behavior for over 15 years. He built a mobile shopping app company and sold it in 2009. Dr. Barbara Rosario is an expert in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. The founders met at U.C.Berkeley, where they founded Vyrill right out of U.C.Berkeley’s Skydeck Incubator.

What We Do

Vyrill is a user-generated video content discovery, analytic, licensing and commerce platform powered by our proprietary AI technology.

Our Vision

It’s Ajay and Barbara’s vision is to become the world’s largest video review and commerce platform by enabling new shopping experiences that feature video at it’s core.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower brands with the best organic user generated videos and insights that enable product marketing, lead-gen and e-commerce.

Our Proprietary Technology

Our insights reports reveal data in nine (9) dimensions including;

• trending videos

• trending influencers

• brand safety

• positive sentiment

• negative sentiment

• interior or exterior

• demographic

• by topic, keyword and/or hashtag

• and brand safety which includes offensive, misogynistic, sexual and racial language

... and many more search and sort features. 

Our dashboard offers video playback along with several sorting metric that allows you to drill down deep into the data.

Benefits of our Proprietary AI Technology

           Always know. Receive alerts when consumers posts videos about your brand in real-time, so you can choose to how to respond. Know which content is likely to trend or is trending.

          Deepest data set. Vyrill reports against the several core UGC Video metrics so you to make decisions out of confidence: sentiment, topic, scene, demographic, influencer, diversity, data

          True sentiment analytics. Only from Vyrill all UGC video content is scored for positive & negative sentiment. Vyrill’s clients use these insights to optimize creative, identify new influencers, obtain data points for product development.

          Content licensing. Whether it is discovering an amazing unboxing video, an authentic influencer, a consumer giving a great product demo our clients use the platform to license this content for their website and marketing efforts.

          Monitor your competition. All the same deep insights and metrics you get for your brands but for your competition. Now you are able to monitor in real-time what consumers are saying about your competition and apply those learnings into your own communication and product strategy.

Our Reports

Our reports are a wealth of information for marketing and brand managers, data scientists or the research and development team. 

To further understand the depth of our reports, we invite you to read more here;

•   How To Read Vyrill Insights

•   How To Read The Audio Speech Analysis Report

•   How To Read the Vyrill Influencer Report

•   How To Read the Vyrill Topic Report

•   How To Read the Video Stats Summary Report

•   How To Read Vyrill Demographic Reports

The power is in the understanding and interpretation of the data to craft campaigns that are timely and impactful. 

Our Customer Journey

In four steps;

          1. One: Capture & Match to find the best video reviews

           2. Two: Analyze Matched Videos for reputation, brand safety and ranking

           3. Three: License Content to acquire rights for product marketing at scale

          4. Four: Distribute content to product pages, apps or homepage to increase conversion

Quantifying the ROI of Vyrill Data

To gather the breadth and quality of data that Vyrill does, brands would need to hire researchers to watch thousands of hours of video to quantify the same data.

Our most recent project amounted to 3000 videos with an average length of 16.5 minutes, totaling more than 800 hours. This amount of time and energy roughly adds up to $21K in expenses to simply watch the videos, let alone conduct analysis and draft reports.

As clients like Porsche, AirAsia, Revlon, Dell and Sargento have already experienced, Vyrill as a business solution not only saves time, energy and money but uncovers new possibilities for e-commerce.

Our Team

Thank you

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