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Virtual hospitality pioneers helping companies increase revenue and grow relationships

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$750K generated in revenue since launch in July 2020.
We’re on track for $1M in revenue in year 1.
CLTV:CAC of 3.4—our primary source of revenue is renewals from current clients.
#1 source of new business is from companies who were guests at an event.
Each paid event generates 1.5 new clients on average.
Clients include: Salesforce, Cisco, Adweek, Verizon, Univision, Amazon, and many more.
We are the first-movers in a new, fast growing $78 Billion industry.
We are a woman-founded and led company that is committed to supporting and prioritizing diversity.

Our Team

Founder & CEO
Vin Social’s fearless leader and Certified Sommelier. Sara has worked in multiple facets of the wine industry from wholesale and retail sales to event production. She created Vin Social with a mission of democratizing access to the wine lifestyle.
Our industry is antiquated and ripe for digital transformation. The market conditions of 2020 had a massive, negative impact on small batch makers and sommeliers. We're providing a durable opportunity for them to grow their businesses and careers online. We're especially proud of supporting DEI by partnering with minority-led small businesses.
COO at Vin Social
Veteran event producer with a proven track-record in scaling white glove events and production teams for Top 100 brands and startup communities. She blends creative story-telling, hospitality, and the arts with exceptional production acumen.

Our Story

Vin Social is a premium virtual hospitality experience delivered as a service for the top brands and tech companies via our proprietary online programs, eCommerce platform, and national product fulfillment capabilities.

Our clients host Vin Socials to engage, retain, and convert their most valuable relationships including prospects, clients, investors and team members.

We deliver an 89% attendance rate, which is vastly higher than the industry average of 65%.

Often, every guest attends!

Despite the best efforts of our clients, there’s only so much an internal events team can do to “spice up” a Zoom.

Attendance at these events is often lacking and attendees are often bored.

Virtual hospitality was ignited in 2020, when the familiar rituals of corporate entertainment - box seats, dinners, events at HQ - were wiped out leaving companies scrambling for solutions to engage and connect with their customers and teams in a remote environment.

Virtual events are projected to account for approximately 28% of the growth in the $1.1 trillion global events industry, growing from $78 billion (2020) to $774 billion (2030).

With trendsetting companies like Salesforce and Twitter announcing their teams will remain remote indefinitely, virtual gatherings will continue to be a critical component of every company’s strategy for external and internal engagement.

Virtual events are more accessible for attendees, create fewer barriers to participation, and are much more efficient to produce for ongoing engagement with valuable stakeholders without any geographical limitations.


Jason John is a Founding Advisory Board Member of Vin Social and is currently the CMO at Publisher's Clearing House. Previously he has held leadership level marketing roles at Martha Stewart, J. Crew, and Gilt Groupe.


Craig Revord is an Executive Coach with Neuberg Gore, and Associates, and works with Executive Leadership within orgs like Google, DRIFT, Flamingo, and Spotify. He is also a Techstars Mentor and Start-up Coach.


The magic of DISCOVERY is at the heart of the Vin Social experience.

Attendees receive a beautifully curated box that puts our client’s brand at the forefront. Our guests’ curiosity is piqued by the elegant presentation, storytelling pieces and two full size bottles from small-batch makers - hidden gems they have likely never encountered before.

When attendees join a Vin Social they are greeted by a Sommelier trained in our program.

Our hosts’ knowledge goes beyond expertise in wine & spirits, they are also:

  • Charismatic on-camera storytellers
  • Skilled at inspiring audience interaction
  • Able to put others at ease in a virtual environment

With the audience “warmed up and wined up,” guests participate in a shared experience, enjoy a sense of community, and a lovely evening out (even if they are sitting on their couch!)

Together, they make memories, solidify relationships, and open doors to future business opportunities.

We are bringing digital transformation to the wine industry, enabling us to deliver a truly unique experience that is incredibly difficult to replicate.

Our unique competency is delivering the right gift for the right client to the right guest at the right time.

Behind Vin Social’s programming service is a supply chain and technology platform that enables us to leverage the Direct-to-Consumer licenses of domestic small batch wineries & distilleries.

Our industry-insider status has allowed us to identify and build relationships within this highly specialized supply-chain network and navigate the complex regulatory environment around shipping alcohol at the national level.

With up to 300,000 sommeliers and wine educators out of work, we are building a national, on demand talent network of the very best experts in wine and spirits.

This talent pool is searching for work and looking for digital avenues to monetize their expertise. We provide an opportunity for them to do what they love and deliver it at their best in a safe, remote environment.

Our platform unlocks the gig economy of corporate hospitality, generating significantly higher margins than a comparable in-person event.

Today’s industry leaders in eCommerce for wine, spirits, and alcoholic beverages are dressed up versions of Functional and vast, yet un-curated and uninspiring.

Their business model prioritizes mass volume at the thinnest margin in a race to the bottom on price.

This version of the online shopping experience ignores the powerful consumer desire that we serve - the desire to discover a hidden gem, recommended by a trusted expert, with the story of the maker.

There are over 10,000 small batch wineries in the US, and thousands more distilleries & microbreweries. 

These are farmers & artisans - and most are not digital marketing, virtual events, or eCommerce experts!

In 2020, many of them lost direct access to their customers through their tasting rooms just when the eComm industry saw a 72% increase in alcohol buyers online.

They are our inspiration for founding Vin Social and we’re helping them navigate the virtual world.

Our featured makers and winery owners are diverse and committed to organic and sustainable practices.

And our audience loves to meet them at their Vin Socials!

The conversation doesn't end there, though...

Our attendees often request additional bottles for themselves so we offer an eCommerce platform for individual on-demand purchases so our guests can buy more wine from these makers directly. 

We’ve also launched a wine subscription service to keep us and these makers top of mind.

As a supporter of Vin Social, your investment will make a significant social impact on the artisanal maker community, ensuring they thrive and get the attention they deserve.

Together, we will:

  • Build the future of this industry and in turn support the beauty and magic of the artisanal maker ecosystem.
  • Put out-of-work sommeliers back to work in an entirely new and exciting career path, from the comfort of their homes.

As an investor and supporter, we welcome you to the Vin Social community and offer you insider access to the best lifestyle on earth - the wine lifestyle.

You’re with us now!