Vicky Cakes Pancake Mix

Gourmet Vegan Pancake Mix & Syrup (minority & woman-owned)

Last Funded November 2023


raised from 104 investors


Nearly $800k in lifetime revenue (measured from the beginning of the company until now)
154,000 bags of pancake mix sold in one day on Good Morning America
Dry pancake mix market is projected to hit $1.3B by 2025
All vegan, dairy-free products made with simple wholesome ingredients

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Vicky Cakes is a woman-owned, Black-owned manufacturer of vegan pancake mixes and syrups. We are now giving the general public an opportunity to invest. If you have Vicky Cakes on your table or cabinet, you can now invest in the company for only $100.

We started the business with $12.17 by husband and wife duo who quickly grew revenue to $400,000 within the first year.

If you have Vicky Cakes on your table or cabinet, you can invest in the company for only $100.

We’ve been featured by almost every major media outlet and received a grant from the NAACP and Beyonce.

Ingredients – Consumers demand quality ingredients due to health concerns and restrictions. It’s difficult to find vegan pancake mix with wholesome ingredients and without hydrogenated oils, additives and preservatives.

Convenience – Due to factors such as busy lifestyles and less time available for cooking, consumers often prefer packaged pancake mixes. Our pancake and waffle mixes require little preparation time and are available in a variety of flavors and even gluten free options.

Taste – Just-add-water pancakes come out flat, gummy or tasteless, and often leave consumers desiring more or feeling disappointed with the need to "doctor up" the recipe to get a homemade taste.

Vicky Cakes is a gourmet 40-yr-old family recipe that’s light, fluffy, dairy-free, and inclusive.

We’ve disrupted the pancake mix industry with our all-vegan mix, innovative product lines, and culturally-relevant brand.

We stripped common additives from our syrup like high fructose corn syrup and preservatives to make a simply delicious and light syrup that goes down smooth without the chemicals you can't pronounce or dreaded aftertaste.

Vicky Cakes pancake mix and syrups are free of artificial ingredients, dyes, preservatives, GMOs, hydrogenated oils, high-fructose corn syrup, and all the other stuff you can’t pronounce.

We are truly an inclusive company that caters to nearly every dietary lifestyle and our pancakes taste just like “Big Mamma” made them (if not better)!

In just 3 years, we’ve launched into the national spotlight and have been featured by nearly every major media outlet in the country with more in the works. Everybody is talking about Vicky Cakes!

Vicky Cakes sells direct-to-consumer, B2B wholesale, foodservice, and national retail. In 2019, we rolled out to 186 Jewel Osco locations, making us the 1st Black-owned pancake mix in grocery stores.

(We are the first to our knowledge. There may have been another company before us.)

(The $800k is measured from the beginning of the company until now.)

We generated revenue to $400,000 within the first year with only $10,000 in outside investment.

We’ve bootstrapped our way to nearly $800,000 in lifetime sales; and with your help we’ll reach $1M in lifetime sales by the end of 2023. (not guaranteed)

Vicky Cakes is the 1st Black-owned pancake mix in grocery stores. Invest today and be a part of that Black American history.

(We are the first to our knowledge. There may have been another company before us.)

The pancake mix industry is expected to grow $1.36B from 2020-2025, according to Technavio. According to recent market analysis, consumers crave convenience in the kitchen, inexpensive and simple meals at home rather than dining out, and prefer packaged pancake mixes.

Investing in Vicky Cakes gives you the opportunity to make a healthy return on your investment.


Gluten-free Pancakes Are On the Rise

The high incidence of digestive health problems, weight management issues, and the demand for nutritious food is fueling the overall demand for gluten-free food items.

Vicky Cakes has the best-tasting gluten-free AND vegan pancake mix on the market, which is hard to find. With plans to expand our gluten-free product line to include all of our flavors we are positioned to increase revenue exponentially as we facilitate opportunities with Whole Foods, Target, and Sam's Club.

Invest in the Pancakes in Your Pantry

Don’t sit back and watch us win—You’re invited to WIN WITH US! At only $100, you can invest and be a part of our success!

Become a Vicky Cakes ambassador and spread the word about the delicious and clean label pancake mix that is bringing back to the table all around the world.

We are a company with a cause selling pancakes with a purpose.

As a Vicky Cakes investor, you would fulfill a social need by investing in disenfranchised communities and the betterment of young entrepreneurs and single mothers.

Your investment will help us start a grant program to offer startup funds to single mothers who wish to purse business endeavors.

Moreover, we are fighting food waste by selling our products in convenient single-serve sizes and bundles of 3 and 4 so families don’t overbuy and subsequently waste food.

With your investment, we plan to scale Vicky Cakes for the maximum return and generational impact for our culture!

Here are a few goals that we plan to achieve in the next 1-5 years:

  • Roll out new innovative products like sugar free syrup, new gluten-free flavors, protein pancake mixes, cookbooks and more!
  • Move into a larger production facility to support our multi-pronged approach to growth.
  • More capacity will allow us to satisfy our current customer base, fulfill the immediate demand, and expand our retailer footprint and direct-to-consumer model.
  • Create an entrepreneurial grant program for single mothers.
  • Roll out new recyclable packaging.

Forward-looking financials are projections and not guaranteed.