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Bring-Your-Own-Menu (BYOM™): Accelerating Restaurant Revenue Recovery

Last Funded November 2021


raised from 91 investors
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Over 6,000,000 users saving 48M+ paper menus since May launch, eliminating ≈ $19M in printing costs.
Clients incl. Hilton®, Marriott, Hershey Entertainment, Hard Rock, & more.
Rare opportunity: Wefunder investors get the same terms via which accredited investors have already invested over $1M.
Proven startup entrepreneurs with exits to companies such as IBM, Computer Associates, IPO (NASDAQ: NTRT).

Our Team

We owned a restaurant for 8 years and originally wrote our software for our restaurant as we could see a firsthand need.

Our Story

At Uptown, we consider the entire food and beverage industry our family, and we’ve identified several ways in which we can help restaurants not only recover, but thrive. Using our patented, proprietary menu platform, we turn menus from unsanitary, unsustainable expenses, to clean, environmentally friendly, revenue-generating marvels that unite your brand, social media strategy, loyalty program, and more

The restaurant industry is suffering, with over half a million restaurants in economic free-fall. We’ve identified several pain points and have built Uptown around not only resolving these, but turning them into revenue-generating prospects to help restaurants not only survive this pandemic—but thrive

In a rare move, we decided to offer our Wefunder investors the same valuation terms via which accredited investors have invested $1,000,000+. We’re also offering a 50% warrant coverage—meaning that if the company is acquired or raises a round at a higher price, investors in this round have the right to invest 50% of their original investment at this lower valuation. Our key investor perks include:

We’ve already established incredible traction, with our number of live locations and worldwide users increasing exponentially, and our Monthly Recurring Revenue has grown by an astonishing 28%. *Numbers as of July 2021.

We’re only as good as the company we keep. Well, our crowd speaks for itself: from the world’s largest hotel chains to the most intimate of wine bars—it’s clear our services have the potential to benefit any food or beverage business of any size, anywhere in the world.

View our latest case study with Titan Hospitality Group here.

Multiple patents and trademarks highlight the unique potential of our innovative platform and its unique role in this fast-growing market.

Our secured patents include:

Uptown is so much more than a digital menu company. We’re a leader in the virtualization of hospitality. Our digital menus lay the foundation, but add-ons like virtual meal gifting, iPad menus, electronic hotel check-ins, and virtual wine lockers make the Uptown experience unique and unforgettable.

In the face of the economic slowdown, we’ve successfully pivoted our product and customer base, increased revenue, and reduced operating expenses...all without sacrificing quality or innovation. With new services, market segments, and global expansion, our post-pandemic pipeline shows massive potential

Paper menus are unsustainable. They require intense resources to produce, only to end up in landfills as restaurants update their menu. To date, we’ve saved more than 30 million paper menus from landfills, and we estimate that we can save a billion by 2023

Combining extensive knowledge of the industry with savvy business development expertise, our software entrepreneurs boast successful exits with IBM and more. From our team of talented coders to established relationships with major brands—we have what it takes to help this entire industry thrive.

Uptown is creating major buzz in the media and across social channels: we’ve been featured in Yahoo!, Bloomberg, CNBC, and many, many more, and our growing social media presence adds key reach to our marketing arsenal.

We’ve identified a million restaurants in the US alone, that could benefit from Uptown. Our gift card TAM is $160 million, and our BYOM™ Hotels TAM is $378 million. These numbers will increase explosively as the pandemic recedes and travel and dining resumes—with an unprecedented customer appetite

Our growth has accelerated so rapidly that we’re already looking ahead to the possibility of an IPO or acquisition. In either of these eventualities, our pre-IPO investors will see the largest ROI.