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Billion Vegans

Company and market update

on Jan 24 2020

Dear friends,

First update of many more to come. We passed the first goal of our crowdfunding and rapidly progressing towards the second one. Please note that because of crowdfunding’s mechanics you can still invest at a 20% discount. On the other hand, our intention is to have the crowdfunding active as long as possible to allow every like-minded person to be a stakeholder in the company, which is the motivation for doing crowdfunding in the first place. Only the valuation (shares’ price) will grow over time to represent the company’s progress and reduced risk.

What exciting times to be part of the vegan and plant-based market! Fast Food restaurant chains have begun offering plant-based meat alternatives on their menus and two major dairy conglomerates have recently filed for bankruptcy. Beyond Meat had the best IPO the American market has seen in a decade and many other plant-based product companies have had great success in their funding rounds: Impossible Foods - $300M, Protein Motifs - $100M, Perfect Days - $130M, and Memphis Meats $161M.

The next phase for this market’s value chain is providing consumers easy, convenient access to a large variety of vegan products. This is where Billion Vegans is positioned and aiming to lead.

Our eCommerce benchmarks continue on improving, getting even higher in comparison to the industry averages, although some of it could be related to the holiday season and rapid market growth. We are working on an analysis that will remove these factors and we will publish it as soon as it’s done.

Until recently, the company was focusing on building the inventory, thoroughly vetting each and every product, checking its ingredients, manufacturing processes, packaging, environmental impact, and localized ecosystem. Soon we’ll start checking the brands’ business ethics, fair trade practices and more. All of which will be available for the consumers to review and filter by. We hope that it will introduce new standards of transparency and trust between brands and their customers, which will hopefully enforce the conglomerates to shift as well.

Now the company is switching gears. We are expanding our logistics to include warehouses all across the US and starting to build our marketing team.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly at

For a better world,

--Alon Hochberg, CEO