Billion Vegans

The World's Largest Online Marketplace for Vegan and Plant-Based Products

Last Funded March 2020


raised from 829 investors


Market - the demand for vegan and plant-based products is growing exponentially and becoming mainstream.
Team - mission-driven with an extensive track record of turning ideas into successful businesses.
Execution - became the largest marketplace in record time with over 6,000 products and 300 sellers.
Product/market fit - reaching great KPI's in a very short time: low CAC ($20) and high retention rate (23%).

Our Team

About three years ago, I became vegan for the animals. Becoming a vegan was an easy decision but maintaining a vegan lifestyle was very challenging and frustrating. Soon after, I've learned about the environmental and health aspects as well. I understood that the world must go vegan and I decided to devote my life to making it happen.

The Largest Online Marketplace For Vegan and Plant-Based Products

Billion Vegans is the world’s largest online marketplace for vegan and plant-based products. It carries more than 300 brands and offers more than 6,000 products in every category - from food and fashion, through cosmetics and wellness to home goods and pet supplies. A true one-stop-vegan-shop. Each product is rigorously vetted by Billion Vegans’ team, inspecting its ingredients, manufacturing processes, packaging, and sustainability footprint, all the way to its brand’s background and business ethics.

The awareness for animal welfare, sustainability, and health is growing exponentially and becoming mainstream. A large portion of the population is buying vegan and plant-based products on a regular basis, making veganism the fastest-growing lifestyle. It is estimated that 25% of the people in the US between the ages of 25 and 44 are vegan - about 6% of the population, a growth of 500% in just a few years. Beyond Meat's IPO was the most successful in the last decade. The demand for vegan and plant-based products is skyrocketing, but their accessibility is limited, they are much more expensive and the available information about them is lacking and untrusted.

Billion Vegans is redefining the online shopping experience by creating a supportive and judgment-free place where everyone - vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians, reducetarians, and meat-eaters, could enjoy the vegan experience - for a day, for a week or for life. It makes online shopping for vegan and plant-based products convenient, affordable and fun. Like an Amazon with vegan ethics. But furthermore, it sets the bar and leads the consumers’ market with unprecedented transparency and truth about the products and the businesses behind them.

Veganism isn’t a fad, or a trend, or a new sort of diet. Veganism is a mindset, it’s the new cool, it’s a whole new culture and Billion Vegans is among its leading catalysts.

Shopping for Vegan & Plant-Based Products is Challenging, Time-Consuming, and Expensive

Although the demand is growing fast, maintaining a vegan and plant-based lifestyle and shopping for products are very challenging and frustrating. It’s time-consuming, expensive and unreliable. It requires you to scour the web for hours on many websites, searching for vegan products and read the fine print to verify the ingredients. In most cases, the provided information is lacking, cryptic and in some cases, untrue. Our team is vegan-certifying each and every product and rejects more than 40% of the products that are labeled as vegan or plant-based.

Making Vegan and Plant-Based Shopping Convenient, Affordable and Fun

Billion Vegans is an e-commerce platform dedicated to changing the shopping experience for vegan-curious consumers: vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians, reducetarians, and meat-eaters. The online marketplace is a one-stop-vegan-shop offering customers products that they can trust, at affordable prices delivered right to their door. It provides the widest selection of vegan-certified products in all categories: grocery, fashion & shoes, beauty & cosmetics, health & wellness, kids, home & garden and pet supplies. It enables the customers to discover and compare alternative products and get trustworthy information that is required for making a wise decision. We currently stock more than 6,000 products from over 300 brands and are adding hundreds of new and exciting products every month.

The First Online Marketplace for Vegan and Plant-Based Products

Currently, there are no other online (or offline) marketplaces that are vegan-certified and plant-based only and offer such a wide range of products in all categories. There are a few niche online shops that specialize in either grocery, fashion or cosmetics, such as Veganessentials, Mylkguys, and Petit Vour. There are also leading online marketplaces that offer some vegan and plant-based products, such as Amazon, Thrive and iHerb, but the selection is limited and there is no vetting process.

Fast and Lean Execution

Since launched about 18 months ago and raising less than $500K, Billion Vegans became one of the world’s largest online (and offline) marketplace for vegan and plant-based products, offering more than 6,000 products and 300 brands. Since sales began a year ago, relying mostly on organic marketing, it has already reached Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that are way above the industry average - conversion rate over 2%, CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) of less than $20, a retention rate of 23% and AOV (Average Order Value) of $42. We believe this clearly validates the demand, the product/market fit, and the solid business model.


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Dear Investors,

I’d like to thank you for considering Billion Vegans as an investment. I’ve been in the startup game for quite some time, both as an entrepreneur and as an investor, and what I learned over the years is that choosing a good investment, while must be backed by a solid business opportunity, must start from passion, from the heart. If these two - passion and a growing market - sit well together, there just might be a chance of winning. This is how I feel about Billion Vegans, and I hope I can convince you to feel what I feel, and see what I see.

My first and true passion in life is my five kids, one of which is a rescue dog, whom I love very much. Three years ago, quite by mistake, I ran into a video about the dog-eating festival in China. It didn’t take me very long to turn vegan. As a very rational person, an engineer at heart, I’ve done my research, and I learned about the major health and environmental aspects of the meat industry, far beyond animal welfare. After changing my life, I decided to take my passion for veganism and use it to create something bigger. Billion Vegans was born out of my belief that within 20 years, most of the world could and will be vegan, and I am happy that I am devoting my life to making that happen. Even more so, I feel so lucky that I can combine my passion for veganism and my ability and experience in developing new ventures.

We started Billion Vegans out of our personal experience. To maintain a vegan lifestyle I had to spend hours browsing the web, searching for products, reading the fine print, sometimes needing to reach out to the sellers for further information, tracking orders from multiple sites, often contacting customer service, and sometimes getting products that weren’t actually vegan. The availability, variety, pricing, and quality fell short, compared to my shopping experience before becoming vegan. Being a vegan consumer isn’t easy and we decided to change it. We build Billion Vegans as we want it to be for ourselves as consumers.

And so far, it seems that we are on the right track. We’re seeing that the need is real, shared by many and that the solution fits the need. The community embraces us. The stats are staggering - 6 out 7 people who try to be vegan, revert. We aim to change it, making it easier, affordable and fun, for everyone.

To summarize: if you are vegan - it’s an opportunity to impact your own life and the world, and if you are not vegan (yet) - I hope we convinced you that Billion Vegans is a great investment.

Thank you for your consideration, 
Alon Hochberg