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Major Partnership with Network for Good lets Parvenu Raise Money for any of the 1.5+ Million Charities in the US

on Sep 17 2018
I believe businesses have a responsibility to improve their communities. Co-founder and CEO of Parvenu.

I'm excited to announce that Parvenu is partnering with industry leader Network for Good to be able to raise money for any of the 1.5 million charities in the US! 

Network for Good has processed over $2 billion in donations and is the fundraising software behind Facebook's birthday nonprofit fundraisers, as well as other tech giants such as Google and Cisco donation platforms. 

In addition to being able to raise money for any charity, those charities are curated by GuideStar to ensure high quality charities. The partnership ensures Parvenu doesn't have to take on any of the complexities, bulkiness, or liability that comes with processing payments, while also offering a way to save our customer, the retailer, thousands of hours that they previously spent curating charities and processing their charitable contributions. 

This partnership vastly expands the amount of charities we are able to support, while also streamlining our operations! I invite you to become a part of what we're doing and invest in Parvenu today!