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Amazing Week

on Jan 20 2018
Crowdfunding, Blockchain, Start-ups, and Social Entrepreneurship

Today we presented on stage at the Bitcoin Miami World Blockchain Forum and had an incredible response from the crypto community! We've seen $108,000 in investment in the last 16 hours. With the campaign ending in the next three hours, we wanted to reach out to our investors and prospective investors and make sure you were aware of the happenings today regarding Daplie and it's application to the Blockchain. Daplie has always been a place where you can store your private information like photos, movies, music, and even private keys. The last part has the crypto community very excited about the implications of Daplie Connect as a secure hardware wallet and the DAPCOIN protocol that will enable a decentralized application ecosystem. We will follow up with more information soon. Check out the website for the first installment of the DAPCOIN whitepaper and for more information and a video on how it works. Until next time, here is Bryson, our co-founder presenting on stage!