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Digitally Imported

December Update

on Dec 17 2017

Hello dear DI.FM Investors, it is time for another update about things worth mentioning.

Crowdfunding Timing 

We are aiming to close the crowdfunding round in a few weeks, hopefully by year's end as we are approaching $400K in commitments. Please note that while for some investors WeFunder already processed the payments, there are still quite a few for which they are running behind and have not withdrawn the funds yet. Those are expected to be done when we do the final wrap up once the round is closed. To date $268K has recently been transferred to us, so we are poised to start putting it to use as planned in the new year ahead.

It's worth stating that this may be the last opportunity before the campaign ends to increase your raise amount. We welcome any such increases and thank you in advance for your consideration once again.

Growth Marketer position update

In the last couple of months we have begun a search for a new Growth Marketer position. I am happy to report we are in the final stages of getting a certain excellent candidate to join our team beginning with January 2018. This person will be involved in executing on the plans we have in mind, including managing the marketing funds attributed to this crowdfunding round.

Finance Director search

I am obligated to report that our Finance Director Emily McCullough’s employment with Digitally Imported has come to an end. Her last date of employment at our company was December 12th, 2017. We are actively seeking a new person for this full time role, and have a tremendous amount of candidates who've already applied in just a short amount of time. I'll be sure to update you once the qualified person comes on board in her or his official capacity.

Private DI.FM Investors Facebook Group  

In the week to come I will be sending email invites to all our investors with a link to a new DI.FM Investors Facebook group I am creating. This will be an opportunity to share tidbits at more frequent intervals, on a platform that's easier to use and can stay private.  

On behalf of DI.FM we wish you and yours a very happy holiday season!