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Next Caller

The Pulse of a Startup

contributed by: Leo Inguaggiato

Walking into our office in Soho, you’ll be met with a sight that few in the business world have the pleasure of seeing. You’ll encounter a team of individuals happy to be working. At the same table you’ll find our CEO, COO, VP of sales, and business development team all sitting together finding the best verbiage for a flyer for our next conference.

The startup life is a gift that I encourage everyone to pursue. Each team member is happy to be here because all of our efforts make a tremendous impact on our company. It may sound corny, but we are blessed to function as a family unit where accountability and honesty are held above all else.

Next Caller may be the new kids on the block, and it’s always hard to make new friends, but when the new kid has a heart as big as ours it’s hard not to like us. We will save American companies from living in the dark about their clients, and allow them to know their callers one at a time.