Next Caller

The most advanced caller identification platform in the world.

Last Funded May 2014


raised from 33 investors
$5M Series A by Crystal Towers
Last updated August 2017


Y Combinator

Raised from Y Combinator

Reduces cost of customer identification by 90%
25% monthly revenue growth
In integration talks with 7 of the Fortune 50
Saves 30 seconds per customer call

Our Team


Y Combinator-backed Next Caller, the makers of a caller ID system for businesses offering access to a secondary database containing callers' personal information — including their name, phone, number and, email — has come a long way since its launch at TechCrunch Disrupt last fall. Since then, the company has grown from just a handful of users to 240 paying customers, and has now signed distribution deals with ZenDesk and Nextiva, who will offer the service to their existing install bases.

The company was co-founded a little over a year ago by Gianni Martire and Ian Roncoroni, who both have finance backgrounds; Martire is a computer science grad and serial entrepreneur with several startups already under his belt. But the idea for Next Caller came from Roncoroni, who was constantly frustrated with his phone calls to customer service agents who mangled his name.

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