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How to hack marketing automation with Privy + Constant Contact

“Marketing automation” has become one of the most popular terms in digital marketing, especially related to email.   Marketing automation is primarily about (drum roll…)... automating the basics of the marketing process.   

A key capability within the marketing automation process is acquiring new email addresses from people who visit your website or engage with you on landing pages, and then delivering relevant content to these new email subscribers to keep them engaged with your brand and your message.

How do you hack marketing automation with Constant Contact and Privy? It's easy.

1. First start with the Privy onsite widget, landing page tool or iPad app to grow your email list.

In just a few clicks you can turn in-store customer, website visitors, Yelp traffic or Facebook likes into new email subscribers.

2. Sync your Privy account with your Constant Contact account.

So long as you are a current customer of both services, this only takes a few clicks! Simply open "account settings" in your Privy dashboard and select Constant Contact to link your account..

3. Set up automation flows in your Constant Contact account. 

Thanks to Constant Contact's powerful new "Autoresponder" functionality, setting up targeted, triggered email sequences is a breeze!

You can now sit back and watch the machine work its magic, as new email signups are automatically communicated with by your new marketing automation system.

Grow your email list with website widgets and mobile landing pages from Privy. Sign up at