Marketing analytics for brick and mortar stores

Last Funded September 2014


raised from 33 investors
$4.3M Series A by Samuel Clemens
Last updated October 2018


Notable Angel

Raised $25k or more from a notable angel investor

~$14k monthly recurring revenue
350% revenue growth since March
Avg. new contract: $500 per-month per-customer
Over 500 locations under contract

Our Team


We all know consumers turn to the web to do research before deciding or buying locally. Yet local businesses struggle to capture this interest and convert it into real customers.

Privy lets local businesses distribute specials across the web where high intent, local consumers are doing their research. Local shoppers sign up for the specials with their email address and Privy automatically tracks where customers came from, when they spent money and which location they visited.


Privy is easy to implement - simple, one-time installation onto any kind of website, one-click integration with social properties and no in-store hardware necessary. Integrating with existing service providers like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Wordpress, MICROS, and many more to inform smarter cross platform decisions.

As clients begin to rapidly acquire customers and data through the product, we make it easy to create on-the-fly segments of targeted customers for remarketing. Visually segmenting customer lists in the hundreds of thousands, or millions of customers is no easy task. We're implementing newly emerging methods like elastic search to get the job done.


Our team has deep roots in product development and the local marketing world. Ben's parents were local business owners who lost a ton of money through yellow pages; Jake's parents founded a media buying agency that helped local businesses grow. We realized that the way consumers make decisions about where to spend their money has changed dramatically. There was no merchant-centric approach that delivered real value & were fed up with the way local businesses have been getting screwed.


Our mission began in the height of the daily deal craze, which we knew couldn't last: there's a better way to deliver quality, local customers. Our first idea sucked: daily deals on your own website. It was rooted in something smart: a growing, constantly refreshed online audience that searches for local things they want to buy NOW. After speaking with tons of merchants, we saw businesses were becoming aware and are unilaterally unsuited to address this new phenomenon. So we built the solution.